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Numerology for July 2012

Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

2012 will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is to use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is,” an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now,” as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole

July 2012 (30/3) You begin this quarter with the vibration of celebration, acknowledgment and acceptance of the rewards received for the work well done. These energies bring clarity to any situation so that you can complete it in joy, happiness and fulfillment. This brings you expansion, growth and abundance. Your creative self-expression brings you the ability to reveal your fondest hopes and dreams. Your goal for this month is to accept that it is all right to love pleasure, in fact, it is that pleasure and joy that provides the source of your creativity.

JULY 1 to JULY 7, 2012 ([22])
You begin this month with a week of underlying Master Spiritual Builder on the physical plane energies. This week will give you experiences and opportunities to “walk your talk”. This is all about being in joy in your mastery and brings master opportunities and experiences. You begin with a day of intensified Master Spiritual Builder energies so pay attention to the large sweeping terms of your thinking and pay attention to anything which gives you the sense of restrictions for these must be examined so you can build a firm foundation for the future. Then you move to a day where you are standing on your firm foundation so that the strong sense of adventure and change can help you to move forward. A day of increased sensitivity to what lies beneath brings you inspiration as long as you tune into your Inner Awareness so take command of your Inner World and you will gain command of your outer will as the Master Spiritual Builder energies are underlying this sensitivity to assist you in taking the necessary action to build upon your foundation. 

Now it is time to reflect and access your own power and knowledge so visualize what you want and go into a reflective state so that your Inner voice will be able to give you directions. You move to a day of abundance and free-flowing energies of affluence with much spontaneity so stay on your toes and examine any life details brought to your attention so you can reap the rewards of your efforts. You have another day of reaping awards and at the same time preparing for new adventures so interact with others while maintaining harmony and peace in that interaction and you will receive guidance. You end the week with the vibration of both seed and harvest and you are urged to take the initiative and leadership in your own life. Your goal for this week is to use your insights and visions to build a firm foundation which is practical, organized and disciplined.

JULY 8 to JULY 14, 2012 (26/8)
This week is about balance, responsibility to unify and understanding the flow of life which is both giving and receiving. These energies bring abundance as long as you use your generosity wisely and in balance which makes it an asset to both you and others. This is the greatest expression of God on the material plane. You begin with Master Messenger energies which promise great rewards so remain in balance and be receptive to the messages from your Higher Guidance which will bring you direction to those rewards. 
A day for celebration and creative expression can bring you rewards in abundance so rely on your intuition to stay balanced and you can experience great joy, harmony and peace. It is important that you keep your mind open while you are presented with a day that brings news of the new order of things so you can be a forerunner for better conditions and understand the value of system and organization to effect worthwhile conditions. You have an interesting day that strengthens your sense of adventure and change in conjunction with the Master Messenger energies to assist you in dealing with Spiritual affairs that may require sudden decisions and decisive action so use these energies to recognize opportunities for inspiration, faith, love and peace. Another day of inspiration and sensitivity comes to give you the opportunity to take the responsibility to put things in harmony so become centered and you will have a great opportunity to get into the flow which will enable you to respond to unexpected opportunities. You then have a day of even stronger intuitive energies as you are staying in your center of the flow so remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make any adjustments required to demonstrate the truth as information comes to the surface and brings clarity and reality to your situation. You end the week with benevolent energies of abundance as the Master Healer, Christed, energies support you so that you can take your responsibility freely to maintain compassion for others so maintain your courage and faith in the Higher Forces as you give love to others. The goal for this week is to accept the responsibility for your life and its creation as you assist in the unification necessary for our evolution.

JULY 15 to JULY 21, 2012 (21/3)
You will have experiences designed to help you examine your sense of loyalty as well as the suitability of your friendships. Make sure that both your loyalty and your friendships are in alignment with who you truly are. You begin with opportunities to end unsuitable relationships and allow suitable relationships to blossom so maintain harmony and peace within and you’ll choose wisely. You move to a day of taking the initiative in your own life by relying on your intuitive Wisdom combined with a strong sense of justice as you move forward. A day of Master energies comes to you in order to evaluate how loyal you are to “walking your talk” so use these energies to examine yourself with respect to how effectively your manifesting your Spirit in your life. You now have a day that reminds you of the joyful vibration of the month so stay balanced in these energies of celebration and enjoy how far you’ve come. A powerful day comes to you with information about the new you which is really the true you supported by the master energies designed to assist you to balance your higher consciousness in these lower energies so be aware of your higher guidance so that you can see your goals and bring them into reality. This is followed by a day of restless energy which enables you to examine where you have given away your freedom so use these energies constructively and face these issues with patience, persistence and determination. You end the week with increased sensitivity to what lies within so be prepared to take responsibility for your choices and put things into harmony so you are centered, at peace and in balance. Your goal for the week is to use these creative energies in order to express your ideas for the expansion and growth of all.

JULY 22 to JULY 28, 2012 (25/7)
This week brings you access to scientific (quantum) knowledge as well as a great deal of Spiritual Wisdom and a heightening of your psychic abilities. You have access to the spiritual truths within which allow you to see reality. You are urged to seek new adventures and ideas which will require you to be flexible and adaptable in order to use your Wisdom in a meaningful way. You begin the week with an intensification of the week’s energies so remember to listen to your Inner Voice and use these energies positively to reconstruct, if necessary, your mental energies in order to adjust and receive the truth from the information that comes to the surface. This is followed by a Master Builder day which enables you to manifest the truths you discovered in your everyday life. A day of manifesting your desires and rewards follows so examine and investigate all the details that arise in your material affairs and take any actions necessary for you to bring your life in line with your truth. Another day of reaping your rewards of past achievements comes to you for you to share your accomplishments in a setting of harmony and peace which will uplift everyone. Now you have a day of subtle, intense energies which encourage you to take your ideas for justice and equality combined with your intuitive Wisdom and build them into your plan for the future of all. This is followed by another Master day to assist you in understanding that you are Spirit creating the balance in all aspects of you, including your physical life. The energies of celebration and creativity now come to you so allow their presence in your life and rely on your intuition to keep you balanced so you can enjoy great joy, harmony and peace at this time. You end the week with energies requiring you to stay connected to your intuition as you receive news of the new you and meet any challenges, if any, to the old way with resourcefulness and imagination. Your goal for this week is to find perfection in the silence within so that you understand independence and freedom.

JULY 29 to JULY 31, 2012 (90/9)
The last three days bring you knowledge of your link with the God source which carries the value from the past to use for new beginnings. Your universal love has reached a point where you must start a new cycle and this growing energy is extremely strong. It brings you an inner stability which is firm and enables you to withstand any challenges. As you realize your oneness with Source, this brings a regenerating energy and the challenge to apply what has been learned to an entirely new and different set of circumstances. You begin with experiences that show you where you still may be bound by your choices so use your connection to Source and your Higher Guidance to undo these bindings with love and patience. Now you have a day requiring you to stay centered and balanced as you sit surrounded by the Christed energies of the Master Healer and Teacher so accept your responsibilities with courage and faith and freely give love and compassion to every situation. You end the month with a day to be reflective and reassess while listening to your Inner Voice for direction in your life. Your goal for this period is to cement your link with God source so that universal love and benevolence is your intuitive response to all situations resulting in you assisting the creation of universal brotherhood.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

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