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Planetary Energies for July 2 to 8, 2012

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: The night sky, with the bright star Sirius in the upper right quadrant (photo by Eric Magnuson)

WE'RE STILL RIDING THE WAVE of the energies of the Pluto-Uranus square this week. Some have seen those effects manifest through their experience of the elements, such as through the recent "derecho" windstorm in the eastern states of the U.S. and the continuing firestorms in Colorado. Others have seen the winds of change blow through their lives in other, more private ways.

The themes woven through these experiences are the same: tearing down old structures to make way for something new to be built (Pluto); and personal liberation, either through achieving a breakthrough or by experiencing the breakdown of what no longer enlivens us, that we may have been holding onto out of habit or fear of change (Uranus).

OF THIS COMING WEEK, Tuesday carries the most potential for another wave of change and uncertain conditions -- although, truth be told, we continue to ride on generally choppy seas for a while. We have a Full Moon on Tuesday (at 11:53am PDT), with the Moon conjunct (aligned with) Pluto, and both the Sun and Moon squaring Uranus. This makes the Full Moon another opportunity for the effects of the Pluto-Uranus square to manifest more powerfully in our awareness.

The Sabian symbol for the 13th degree of Capricorn, the location of the Moon at the time of the lunation, reads:
"A fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence: The subjective quest for ultimates beyond the interplay of life and death processes."
This image and its brief explanation focus our attention on the some of the primary learnings of this time in our evolutionary journey and -- appropriately -- also resonate with themes related to both Pluto and Uranus.

PLUTO AND URANUS are among the "transpersonal planets" in astrology. The effect of transpersonal planets is to move us beyond purely personal and social concerns. They propel us, sometimes through the very uncertainty that they seem to cause, into seeking the answers to questions about greater meanings and purposes, questions that might be called "spiritual" in nature.

It's interesting that the Sabian symbol for Tuesday's Full Moon brings forward the image of a "fire worshiper." Uranus is in Aries, a fire sign, and the effect of this combination can inspire us to "worship" independence, with less-than-usual attention paid to what others may want, especially if it conflicts with our own perceived needs.

AND YET, this fire worshiper, representing each of us, is using that same subjective interpretation of life as a springboard for seeking the "ultimate realities of existence." As we each work to navigate the changes and resistance to change inherent in the Pluto-Uranus square, we are also compelled to know reasons beyond what we perceive in the physical realms.

Pluto also appears in this Sabian symbol through its reference to "the interplay of life and death processes." Pluto was the god of the underworld in ancient mythology, and is the astrological "ruler" of the process of death and rebirth. As we work with Pluto, we do not need to experience a physical death -- but we are each letting go of some aspect of ourselves that no longer serves us. We are the phoenix, allowing the old form to be transformed so that the new can take flight.

AT THE FULL MOON on Tuesday, the Sun is aligned with the great white star Sirius (at 14 degrees of Cancer), the brightest star in our night sky. Sirius holds a prominent place in esoteric astrology, which considers Sirius "the Soul of our solar system." Esoteric astrologer Malvin Artley writes that:
"Sirius is said to be the transmitter of a mysterious faculty called "Cosmic Mind" to our solar system. In its higher form it is actually the transmitter of higher cosmic Mind, or Buddhi-Manas -- illumined Mind."
This alignment with the "higher cosmic mind" is what the fire worshiper seeks. Through various means, if we embrace its gifts, this Full Moon can help us open more fully to our own higher consciousness.

THIS OPENING will require a shift in our perspective, symbolized by the yod ("finger of God") configuration formed between Pluto, Venus and Mercury that also occurs on Tuesday. In this yod, Pluto is at the apex, and therefore is in charge of how its energies will manifest. Bil Tierney writes in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis that a yod:
"... is very much like arriving at a fork in the road and nevertheless having to proceed further in one direction or the other without securely knowing where either route is definitely going to lead to. We are simply aware that we must veer off onto another path."
Many of us already know this feeling of being at a fork in the road, and can relate to the uncertainty about which way to go. At the same time, we are feeling Pluto's compelling call to DO SOMETHING. We want to advance, and yet we're unsure what that will look like, and what it means we will need to leave behind.

THANKFULLY, Uranus is in harmonious aspect to both Mercury and Venus at the time of the Full Moon, so we can call on this energy to help us navigate the choice-point we have reached. Especially helpful is the Uranus-Mercury trine (exact on Wednesday), which enables our minds to be more open than usual to the insights of our higher selves. This is the land of inspired thinking, intuitive knowing, and even genius-level solutions.

The Uranus-Venus sextile (also exact on Wednesday) increases both our willingness to share our insights with others and our ability to receive helpful input. We are reminded that as alone as we may feel at times, we are part of a process that is larger than ourselves, and through that process we are all connected.

A FULL MOON always provides an opportunity for us to find better balance between the qualities represent by the two signs involved in the lunation. This Tuesday's Full Moon, with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer, calls us to balance the Hermit and Nurturer aspects of our personalities.

Each of us can relate to the Hermit, the one who wants to be alone to work through problems. The Hermit can be objective about emotional issues, and in this way is able to shine a light where there was previously darkness. But, the Hermit may go too far into the cave, cutting off the opportunity to create heart connections with others.

We are also each part Nurturer, sensitive and compassionate to others, and willing to support and give care as needed. But the Nurturer can become overly focused how others are feeling, and not enough on self-care. The Nurturer also may not have strong boundaries, and can easily take on the emotional burdens of others, losing essential objectivity.

We each fall somewhere on the scale between extremes, some closer to one end, some closer to the other. This week, as one of the steps in our transformational journey, this Full Moon provides the light to help us see where and how we may be out of balance.



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