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Numerology for April 2012


Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.
Artwork by Janosh: Peace

2012 will be to “clean” up and clear the remnants of anything that holds you back: beliefs, persons, things. In short, love enough to emotionally detach from EVERYTHING while remembering that detaching does not mean disconnecting. The goal for this year is to use these energies to bring freedom and change, abundance, quickened and accurate perceptions of what “is,” an enjoyment of spontaneity because you are in the “now,” as well as everyone being who they truly are so they can contribute to the whole

April 2012 (27/9) Now you begin three months of harvesting the seeds you have planted. This vibration enhances your sense of justice and wisdom, as well as giving you the ability to maintain harmony and peace. You have compassion for ALL and you have the opportunity to assist in lifting everything and everyone to the highest level they can achieve as you meet your desire to bring better laws into the world. You have a creative mind and a love of beauty and with those two tools you can create an original approach for the solution of any problem. This month gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and bring them into physical form. Your goal for this month is to remain in balance and beauty while you are guided by your intuition to bring everything in balance within Universal Love and Brotherhood.APRIL 1 to APRIL 7, 2012 (19/10/1)

This week you will experience the Destiny Force of God’s Plan in Action underlying everything. This is a karmic vibration which means the events must be recognized, accepted and dealt with without justification, evasion or rationalization. It requires you to rise to the occasion with originality and independence so that in the process you can give in to who you truly are. You begin this week with another vibration of one which represents both the seed and the harvest and brings you a great ability to crystallize your desires using your imagination and blend in justice in everything you create so stay connected to whom you are and you will insure that your creation reflects you. You move to a day of Master energies as the Master Messenger brings you insights and revelations about emphasizing Spiritual aspects in all you experience so listen to the still small voice and follow it. This is followed by a day of underlying energies of the Master Builder while your surface experiences are those of celebration so use these Master energies of foundation building to build a foundation upon which you will create joy in your future. Then you move to an emphasis of the energies of the year so allow yourself to understand that the real you is not regulated by fear and finds that this existence is one of adventure and change. Another day of underlying Master Builder energies helps you to be sensitive to your own foundation in order to become centered and understand that if your Inner World is under your command it will bring order to your Outer World so take this opportunity to get into the flow and you will be able to respond to unexpected opportunities. You end the week with a day to reflect and reassess where you are and how far you have come so listen to your Inner Voice and remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make any adjustments required for you to demonstrate the truth of whom you are. Your goal for this week is to understand that surrender does not mean giving up, but rather giving in to whom you are.

APRIL 8 to APRIL 14, 2012 (23/5)

This entire week reminds you of the vibration for the year and brings a strong sense of adventure and change. You may find yourself attached to “home” and the people in it. This is a period for you to recognize that the only true security is within so as you recognize that you began to be free which increases your sense of responsibility. Your experiences will teach you how to handle the responsibility of freedom constructively so that you do not break away from situations when it is unwarranted. You begin with a day of easy-flowing external energies full of cooperation and compatibility and you are to take responsibility for this affluent period so examine and investigate any details which arise in your material affairs so you can select what activities are necessary to reap the harvest under this influence. You continue reaping the harvest of past achievements which requires you to share and will bring deeper understanding to your relationships so remember to maintain harmony and peace at all levels within you and you will indeed reap the rewards. Another day of the 1 vibration brings you, again, the ability, after your previous evaluation, to further clarify and crystallize your desires so make sure that you use the power of your imagination and your feelings to manifest, through your wisdom, the beginnings of your next step. This leads to an intense day of double Master Messenger energies to assist you in making any “shifts” needed in your process so remember to be receptive and accept the fact that there are messages from your Spirit that will bring balance into your affairs. Now you move to a day of both celebration and creative expression of whom you are so listen to your intuition and your Inner Guidance and you will be shown the direction necessary to achieve happiness and fulfillment. This is followed by a day where you will receive messages for the new order of things in your creation so understand this is a highly intuitive day and if you experience any “challenges” in your experiences they are presented for you to see the “old way” in order to move forward. You end the week with yet another layer of the vibration of the week and the year to emphasize that this is an adventure. Your goal for this week is to release any limitations which prevent you from enjoying the adventure.

APRIL 15 to APRIL 21, 2012 (27/9)

This week will bring new experiences which give you the opportunity to exercise your sense of justice and your wisdom in order to maintain harmony and peace which is necessary to uplift everyone. It is to help you to learn the idea of platonic love so that you can be the “humanitarian” in all your relationships. You may find others seeking you out for your original approach to the solution of their problems. This energy gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your ideas and bring them into manifestation. You begin with a day of increased sensitivity to your foundations as well as everyone else’s so it’s important that you do not take things personally and remain centered as you go through the opportunities to get into the flow. Then you move into a day that heightens your intuitive energies so that you can reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force through visualization of what you desire. You are now given a day with subtle, underlying Master energies that will push you to remain balanced and centered as you move through the easy-flowing environment around you so that you can take appropriate action when events arise spontaneously and the outcome of this experience is determined by your willingness to take responsibility with courage and faith in the Higher Forces. This moves you to a day of intensification of the energies of the month and the week so that you can reap the rewards of your past achievements and at the same time prepare for new adventures based on cooperation and understanding. Then you are presented with a day to evaluate and crystallize your current desires so rely on your intuitive Wisdom and a strong sense of justice before you began your next cycle of evolution. This is followed by the energies of the Master Messenger which bring your Higher Guidance into your awareness so that your plans made yesterday can be raised to a higher level for the good of all humankind. You end the week with a day of celebration and receiving your rewards so rely on your intuition to keep you balanced in this restless energies and you will experience great joy, harmony and peace. Your goal for this week is to remember that your rewards, which come to you this week, are in direct relationship to what you have previously earned and they will come when you maintain harmony and peace in all your relationships.

APRIL 22 to APRIL 28, 2012 ([22])

Underlying this entire week is the vibration of the Master Builder which brings four times the power, energy, strength, courage and responsibilities to bring Spirit into the material plane and put it into form. These energies can bring fulfillment, a sense of completion and success on a large scale. This will enable you to think in large sweeping terms for the benefit of all humankind. This is the God Energy brought to the material plane and put into form. You will be offered experiences that will require you to see the larger picture and the vision of the completed project. You begin the week with these energies underlying the energies of news of the new way which is your way of being who you are so use discernment in all your experiences to sort out and correct whatever may be a challenge to the old ways of doing things. You now have another day to evaluate the old versus the new with emphasis on the concept of freedom, yours and everyone else’s, so use these energies constructively to understand you are to do it “your way” and allow yourself the pleasure earned by your constructive efforts. A day of increased sensitivity is brought to you for inspiration and Inner Awareness of what lies beneath any situation so be prepared to take the responsibility to put things into harmony and understand what that phrase really means. You move to another day that requires you to remain centered in order to use your strong intuitive energies and reconstruct, if necessary, your mental energy into a positive force for creation so visualize what you desire and listen to your Inner Voice for direction at this time. A day of easy-flowing energy, which you have created, follows so take responsibility for it and examine and evaluate any details that arise in your material affairs, often spontaneously, so that you can discern what is the appropriate amount of activity you need to reap the harvest. This is followed by a day of actually reaping the harvest so share your accomplishments and remain in harmony and peace which will enable you to prepare for new adventures and uplift others. You end the week with the underlying energies of the Master Architect which is focused on balancing the higher Spiritual energies and the material world bringing you an understanding that true security comes when you link your Spirit with your physical and since this is occurring in the vibration of the seed and harvest it gives you a great ability to crystallize your desires before you move on to the next level. Your goal for this week is to be that Master Builder who understands the Architect’s plan and brings it into the physical plane.

APRIL 29 to APRIL 30, 2012 (59/14/5)

You end the month with the higher level of a resolved karmic debt vibration. This allows you to magnetically attract universal love and brotherhood by accepting freedom and change which enables you to act your own way. This vibration brings much inspiration as well as creativity for living life and it requires you to temper whatever comes to you. This is a two day period beginning with an intensified Master Messenger energy that requires more responsibility and effort; however, promises great rewards so tune in to your Higher Guidance for direction and be sensitive to the insights and revelations offered to you as long as you remember there are Spiritual messages everywhere that will bring balance to your life. This is followed by a day of celebration and rewards so stay centered and do not get carried away by restless activity and you will experience great joy, harmony and peace as long as you remain aware of your intuition and Inner Guidance which brings direction as you move forward. Your goal for this two day period is to move into Universal Love and Brotherhood so that you can magnetically attract pleasure and understand that the cycle of evolution, as in nature, consists of both destruction and building.

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Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713.

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