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Astrological Energies October 17 to 23, 2011

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: Halloween-colored auroras seen from Selkirk State Park in New York state on September 27 (photo by Alex McCombie)

IN THE AFTERMATH of last week's powerful Full Moon, we are now in a time of reflection and completion. A Full Moon always marks a peak of energies, and so we can imagine that we are are finally on the downhill side of the mountain. The trek up to the peak was difficult, but hopefully when we reached the top we were able to see an enhanced view of our lives, and to understand the reasons we undertook the climb.

Now the peak and the most strenuous part of the trek are behind us. Our task now is to let go of what has been, to reflect on and incorporate what we have learned, and to nurse our blisters, if we have them.

THE LAST QUARTER MOON occurs this Wednesday evening (8:30pm Pacific Time). As a follow-up to the Full Moon, this stage in the lunar cycle may provide opportunities to revisit last week's themes and to bring them more fully to resolution.

Appropriately, the keyword for the Last Quarter Moon is "Catharsis," and the Sabian symbol reads:

"A violent storm in a canyon filled with expensive homes: A confrontation with a social upheaval demanding the reconsideration of static values."

It's easy to see how this symbolic theme is manifesting in the world around us. Demonstrators in countries around the globe are protesting the values that have governed society for decades, if not centuries. "Occupy Wall Street" has become "Occupy the World." People are demanding change.

WE CAN ALSO clearly see Saturn's fingerprints on these current events. The ringed planet was a major player in last week's Full Moon, and its energy is woven tightly into the fabric of this entire lunar cycle.

Saturn calls for responsible action and concrete solutions, and is now in Libra, the sign of The Scales, symbolizing fairness, justice and balance. I often call Saturn the "Dr. Phil" of the planets, because it often seems to ask us, "How's that working for you?"

Clearly, many people are hearing Saturn's question, and have answered, "It isn't." This is true not only in the context of society's values, but also in our personal lives. Each of us is learning, through Saturn's transit in Libra, what we really value, and where we have given value inappropriately.

CURRENT PROTESTS are also very much driven by the underlying energies of the Pluto-Uranus square. If we only had Saturn's influence to work with, we might remain in fear or pessimism, without the energy to go forth and take action.

But no worries in that regard! As blatant as the protests already appear to be, the truth is that the rebellious energies of the Pluto-Uranus square have only just begun to take effect -- which means we can anticipate more to come. (Teaser: I'll talk more about that in my "2012" teleclass on November 17! See below...)

THESE DEMONSTRATIONS may find stronger voice -- and stronger opposition -- at the beginning of the week, leading up to the Last Quarter Moon. Jupiter opposes Mercury on Monday, amplifying the urgent need to speak truth (Mercury in Scorpio) and to expose complacency (Jupiter in Taurus).

Added to that is the energy of an irritating Uranus-Mars aspect, also exact on Monday. Uranus promotes revolution, while Mars represents the assertive/aggressive side of our natures. This combination of energies can, of course, be directed in productive ways, but we will need to call on some good-old Saturn discipline to help in that regard.

A REPRIEVE from the tension is possible on Friday, when Neptune and the Sun are in flowing (trine) relationship with each other. This aspect supports us in reconnecting with our inner world, and in regaining the spiritual perspective that always brings us back into balance.

Friday is a good day to take a breather, figuratively and literally. We often unconsciously hold our breath when we're under stress. Remembering to breathe can lift us out of places that feel chaotic or dark. It can instill a sense of much-needed calm and inspire us when we have been feeling disconnected.

Remember that the word "inspiration" comes from ancient words meaning "breathed upon." We can benefit by using this day to re-center, to breathe in the light-filled energy that is always available to us.

THE WEEKEND carries the energies of three "sesquisquare" aspects -- two involving Uranus and one involving Pluto. These aspects often correspond with a level of dissatisfaction or agitation when things don't go exactly as we wanted.

With these aspects, we may tend to be more reactive than usual, and less in control of our emotions -- all the more reason to have taken the time to recenter ourselves on Friday! If we've taken advantage of that Neptune-Sun trine, we may be much more able to be calm, patient and objective over the days that follow -- helpful qualities to have, especially when dealing with sesquisquares.

ALSO ON SUNDAY, the Sun leaves Libra and heads into Scorpio. This change in the solar month corresponds with a subtle shift in our common underlying motivation.

In essence, we are moving from an intellectual base (air sign Libra) to an emotional base (water sign Scorpio). This shift will support us in delving more deeply into psychological themes over the coming month, and increase our dissatisfaction with surface-level solutions.

Scorpio is known for its intensity and strong desires, which can be a challenge if we are uncomfortable with such emotions. But, Scorpio is also able to create lasting change through its willingness to go through a purification process, like the Phoenix that must enter the fire to be reborn.

For the next two weeks especially -- with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, and the Scorpio New Moon on October 26 -- we will be assisted on many levels in releasing the past so that we, too, can create new life.

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