Friday, July 29, 2011

The Turning Point

As we prepare to enter a new moon cycle and with the aftermath of the jolting June-July alignments still being deeply felt, an all pervasive void once again reflects. What perceptions remain stable? Which consciousness structures have survived?

Our most recent grid focus, "Rising above Sham Spirituality", seemed to trigger a grand pouring of truth serum while instantly flushing out a lot of unneeded "isms" and schisms. It was one of, if not the most powerful transmissions we have ever accomplished, by the group and for the group, resulting in a grand Turning Point for our collective soul advancement.

A very sincere thank you goes out to everyone who endured this most sobering yet very important focus of contemplation and its influential transference through the crystalline pathways of light. Based upon the numerous comments and affirming follow-ups, its effect was far reaching, catalyzing spontaneous shifts in patterns and perceptions of belief.

We also send a great level of love and compassion to all those experiencing challenging transitions in this time. Sometimes the greater Truth is hard to bear because once we see clearly, it is impossible to continue living our lives in the same way, let alone guide others.

In our role as "bridge-makers", we continue to build the new consciousness grid as the old world dissolves. It is imperative that we reorient our lives in response to all imparted truth in the form of practical application in daily life. This is one of our biggest responsibilities in service to the Divine Plan and can indeed present many challenges especially when so many of us are quite invested in our spiritual missions, much of which has been built upon the dissolving past perception.

Core Foundational Shifts

In Children of the Sun's advancement as a platform of ascending consciousness, we feel it is important to share some key areas of transition as this concerns the consciousness level of our group formation and its service to life.

We acknowledge that we are but one group serving as a barometer of the collective consciousness of Planetary Light Servers. As our group is constantly changing in this unprecedented time of "Revelations", we will make adjustments accordingly and most astutely within our presentations.

Those people, organizations and activities that are authentically with selfless motives and can hold the masterful balance and discernment needed are being given the greater responsibilities to become the voices and true way-showers of the shift, whether that be in the public light or behind the scenes.

We will see many more group mergers and the pooling of resources as we continue to unify our fields of resonance directed to the urgency of human need. It will entail much elimination of the non-essentials so that we have less interferences and more time for the greater tasks at hand.

Our Key Areas of Transition:

The following summarizes the ascending pulse of our Group Consciousness, especially as this concerns the main transitions being made in the Children of the Sun Group Soul.

A Group of Empty Cups

The illustration of being an empty cup is to become aware of a Supreme Source (God) and allowing the Grace of its Power to carry and to sustain us at all times, in full faith. An empty cup does not contain anything and it does not proclaim that it knows anything, for all true Knowing is of this Absolute Source. 

In our desire to return to Divine Reality, we realize that this requires the complete giving up of all ideas and beliefs about the personal self and its plethora of self-willed creations. There is a return to living simply, ever so humble and always ready to be filled with greater and greater revelations of Truth, one building upon the other as the consciousness adjusts inwardly and reflects outwardly. 

We become the one Holy Grail.

Christ Consciousness is Group Consciousness

We sense that the collective consciousness of all Planetary Light Servers who have the role as "path-cutter" is currently undergoing initiations of renunciation. This is the process of completely giving up the personality and its free will control. It is the continual step-by-step refinement of the "me" personality which eventually is transfigured into the light of the Soul.

The Soul, in its own nature, is essentially Group Consciousness and has no individual identity or ambitions. It is the Soul which is the initiate, not the person. Every step forward will increase the group recognition and strengthen our bond as an invincible cohesive force. 

The Group Consciousness is the more real aspect of our Self. This is why, in our forward directions, we will place more emphasis upon the "Group Soul" and its advancement into Christ Consciousness versus this being a singular process.

The Law of One

Group I AM. This is our individualized Presence of God, the Supreme Self in group formation unveiling as the Collective Christ. This has often been referred to as the "Second Coming" yet it is here now and always has been here. It is simply an unveiling process of an enlightened Group Consciousness as we selflessly think together, feel together and move together within and from the all pervasive Unified Field of awareness.

As we aspire to live from this matrix of union, Truth is evident as also are the highest potentials for Earth's unfolding Divine Plan. Through this mantle of Divine Aspiration, our group moves into much deeper development as a "Collective Christ", a Group Avatar from which to serve the Race from the zero point of self absolution.

Releasing Identification to Deities, Ascended Masters and God Heads

It seems that in both the science world and in metaphysics, the previously held concepts of "God" are birthing into something new as Truth takes a stand upon Planet Earth and we once again embrace the Law of One.

Through our meditations and grid focuses, many of us have experiences of awareness that we are all one being, one living organism breathing from the great spiritual oneness. More of us are experiencing these blissful states of nothingness where it seems that the only place "real" is the inner world and a time-line of now... no past, no future, no identity.

We are tangibly feeling the one unified field of consciousness merging into itself, awakening into realization through us. This, of course, is what we have always known, linearly, and have constructed belief systems and concepts of God to describe it to our selves and each other. Names of Deities and the detailed identification of the many Holy Ones have greatly supported our awakening processes and we are so grateful for this needed bridge of understanding.

As we expand the borders of our consciousness and begin tapping, more consistently, into the higher realms and the frequency of "All That Is", we seriously question the need for all of the identities and separated focuses. Doctrines, theology, complicated formulas and extensive disciplines are also falling away. This is being replaced by more simplistic understandings of the One Divine Reality and that which guides us and others towards a more direct experience with Source for all "learning" and service to Humanity.

This does not mean that these masterful Deities are not real, it is just that how we hold them in our perception is now creating limitation in our greatly expanding natures. Working more from the One Divine Reality will enhance our foundational focus of selfless service as we draw from the endless river of cosmic light substance and frequencies from pure, unadulterated unity source. 

This is our next step in mastering the plane of illusion. 

This focus of contemplation will be expanded upon this August.

From Simplicity, Meditation, Silence, Breathing and BEing,

Children of the Sun Foundation

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