Sunday, November 28, 2010

Numerology for December 2010: Your Authentic Self

This year, 2010 (21/3), will be full of opportunities for choices at all levels. There can be a deep inner peace underlying everything this year as long as you stay who you are. It will require you to continually understand that it is loyalty to Self first that will keep you on your path.

December (23/5), the year ends with you possibly being a channel for the information you are receiving. Your connection to your higher knowing is firm and it will bring you to expressing the information you’re receiving – that’s being a channel. These energies will also bring you a strong sense of adventure and change because you now know that security can only be found within and as long as you are centered in you, everything is an adventure. This enables you to proceed with being “outside the box” so you can create what can be, your vision of the new world. The goal is to stand in who you are, at least to the level you know, so you can begin building your Spirit into your physical life next year.

DECEMBER 1 to DECEMBER 4, 2010 (16/7)
You begin and end this final month clearing up any karmic remnants. First you have an awakening which brings opportunities to tear down and rebuild so that you connect to your Wisdom and awaken the inner Spiritual Self. Events will be sudden and overthrow existing conditions that prevent you from moving forward. The goal is to open and accept the transformation so that you rebuild yourself on the foundation of order and truth by linking your personal Spirit with the Universal Spirit.

DECEMBER 5 to DECEMBER 11, 2010 (26/8)
Now you have a week of underlying benevolent energies that can bestow abundance. You’ll be asked to take responsibility for this affluent period and at the same time accept that using your material possessions to serve others is your responsibility too. It’s all about the flow as things occur spontaneously so you can take appropriate actions to reap the harvest. The goal is to reap the harvest by staying balanced in your own authority and then serving others.

DECEMBER 12 to DECEMBER 18, 2010 (21/3)
This week is about changing from the old order to the new in the area of loyalty and friendship. You will be given experiences to help you learn not to waste loyalty energies fighting things that can not be changed. You’ll also be asked to examine your beliefs about friendship. Both of these are necessary for you to reach your goal of understanding the true meaning of Universal Brotherhood.

DECEMBER 19 to DECEMBER 25, 2010 (25/7)
Now you are required to demonstrate detachment, flexibility, resourcefulness, adaptability and reflection so that you stay connected to your strong intuitive energies that give you great Spiritual Wisdom and knowledge of reality. This enables you to reconstruct anything within that does not support the authentic you. You goal is to find the truth within and crusade for it through wisdom and reflection.

DECEMBER 26 to DECEMBER 31, 2010 (19/10/1)
You end the month with the karmic vibration of the destiny force, God’s plan in action. It’s time to bite the bullet and face EVERYTHING that is presented to you this week and play within the rules. Look within and see what the experiences are showing you which needs to be balanced within. Your goal is to link your physical life with your Universal life and thereby be the leader in your life.

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