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Astrological Energies November 29 to December 5, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

WE HAVE A VERY FULL astrological agenda this week. The energy gets moving right away with a Jupiter-Mars square on Monday that may have us out the door and halfway down the street before we're fully aware of exactly what's happening. It may be hard to catch our breaths with this one -- and actually, with other influences this week as well -- so remember to ground and center yourself as much as possible.

On the positive side, this planetary combination can help us get a lot done, due to its caffeine-like effects. So take advantage of the energies, but be careful not to overdo or allow carelessness to cause problems.

ALSO ON MONDAY, Venus re-enters Scorpio. For most of us, Venus' first foray into this sign (September 8 to November 7) corresponded with some pretty intense moments and revelations in our relationships. Venus has been in conciliatory Libra for the past three weeks, so we've had some time to get ourselves back into balance and hopefully find the calm at the eye of the storm.

Now, with Venus in forward motion and back in Scorpio, we're more likely to see concrete changes that were initiated or considered in September and October. Some relationships will never again be the same as they were before this Venus retrograde phase -- and in the long run, that will prove to be a very good thing.

MERCURY ENTERS CAPRICORN on Tuesday, but will soon be back in Sagittarius, due to Mercury going retrograde on December 10. Yes, that's right -- from the 10th through the 29th of December, Mercury will be retrograde, so you may want to do your holiday planning and shopping early this year.

With Mercury's flip-flop between cautious, practical Capricorn and exuberant, adventurous Sagittarius over the next few weeks, our mental bodies are going to get a workout. Perhaps our best advice is to sit back and watch our minds jump through the various hoops, rather than feeling we have to take every leap with them.

MARS IS BACK in the spotlight on Thursday and Friday, through his interactions with Neptune, Chiron and Uranus. These are all energizing aspects, so we can expect the end of the week, and into the weekend, to be full of activity and more than a few surprises.

In particular, the Uranus-Mars square on Friday is likely to push us out of our comfort zones and into new worlds. We'll need to watch out for unexpected irritations to arise in ourselves and others, since this influence is highly reactive. But, even if our first response is not necessarily constructive, this energy can be directed toward positive change, especially since there is also a creative Saturn-Mars quintile on Friday.

URANUS is especially strong this week, due to going direct next Sunday, December 5. Whenever a planet slows to change direction, it is a bit like shining a beam of light at that specific degree of the zodiac, with all the energies of the involved planet focused within that beam of light.

Uranus is known for amplifying our needs for independence and helping us resist any efforts to control or influence us. This is a highly restless and rebellious energy. Our actions, when influenced by Uranus, often appear to be very selfish when viewed through the eyes of others.

If you've been working with Uranus transits this year, you may feel this influence very strongly now, and the urgency for change will be amplified this week and next. This may be especially true if you were born within a day of March 18, June 18, September 20 or December 19, since Uranus is in direct aspect to the Sun in your chart.

Or, if you know your astrological chart, look for planets between 26 and 28 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius). The themes represented by those planets, and the areas of life represented by the houses they inhabit, are the focal point for Uranus' lightbeam of change now.

AND THAT'S NOT ALL. We also have a New Moon next Sunday, the same day that Uranus goes direct and Pluto conjoins Mercury.

All New Moons establish a point of beginning -- but this one is especially important because it is the start of the lunar cycle that culminates in a Total Lunar Eclipse on December 21. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon in Sagittarius reads:

"The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx: The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine custodians, 'Seed-men' of a previous cycle of existence."

We are building on the spiritual strengths of our ancestors now, taking their accomplishments in the physical and nonphysical realms to the next level. As we make these evolutionary shifts, we can draw on, but must not be confined by, the teachings and symbols that have brought us to this place.

We are the seedlings, and are now coming into our maturity. The strong Uranus energy at the time of the New Moon reminds us that we are meant to create ourselves anew, and to leave the past behind. And, the exact conjunction between Pluto and Mercury in the New Moon chart helps us see the truth in our present situation, empowers our thinking and communication, and encourages us to aim for the stars.



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