Monday, November 8, 2010

Balancing Energies Within and Without

First ground yourself into Earth, using any method that works for you. I like the one of the tree of life, with roots extending into the core of Mother Earth. When you feel fully grounded, also flow any excess magnetic and electric energies into the ground through your grounding roots. You can do this several times a day if necessary, or anytime you feel off balance.

Call all your aspects back to you to begin clearing, cleansing and transmuting. See a rose about 18 inches in front of you. Sweep it around yourself 360 degrees on all sides, and top and bottom. Sweep it around your aura, and gather any areas of your aura that may have bled through, causing tears in your aura and intend your aura to be complete and whole again. This is important, because any bleed-through decreases the integrity of your aura and may impair its effectiveness.

When you have gathered back all your aspects, dissolve the rose. All that is you, will once again be whole in this now moment. Trust that this is so. Bring in your guides, your angels, your ascended masters, your higher self, your soul monad, and tell them what you are doing and that they are to assist you in the process if you need their help. Please thank them for all assistance given.

Remind your Higher Self that you are working in this now moment, and that all less-than energies will be transmuted and you are now ready to move forward on your path, into the crystalline energies, you are not taking anything with you but your own divinity and you trust the process to fulfill this task.

Next call on the energies of Luna, the moon Goddess, and call on the energies of Ra, the sun God, to enter through your crown chakra. Ask that the energies be of liquid light, golden, white, and platinum in color. If you can visualize this, do so, but it works whether you can see it or not.

Ask that the energies be in divine balance exactly that required to balance your own masculine/feminine energies. For each this may be different, and that is fine, for we are each unique and different, and our requirements may vary. Bring this energy through your crown, and allow it to be in your crown, pineal, and pituitary areas as long as is required to bridge the left and right hemispheres of the brain and reunite the hemispheres. There is no time requirement in the now, so this does not take very long. As background, the brain was not separated when first created, but in all that has transpired over eons of time, the brain was split into two hemispheres, the left masculine brain, and the right feminine brain and the imbalance is one which we all must heal, reunite and repair.

Feel, see, perceive, believe the liquid light is entering into every cell of your brain, it is igniting the God cell located in your pineal gland, and it is aiding in the crystallization of the pineal, and in doing this, assisting in the activation of the ten layers of DNA that is of crystalline nature in preparation for the new crystalline energy that is pouring into the earth.

See, perceive, feel, believe that the energies are coming in as the double helix crystals, and as these enter your body, you are receiving activation of your DNA. Bring the masculine/feminine energies down through all of your chakras, balancing and aligning them in the perfection of balance that is divine.

You can visualize this, watching the energies doing their work and you can see the double helix links that are present. When you have gone though each chakra, see the energies enter the earth to assist the earth in its own balance.

You are now in balance, in the divine perfection that is of balanced feminine/masculine energies within you. You are now ready to do the purple flame activation.

The Purple Flame Activation

See the purple flame enter your crown coming down from source and going to each chakra in your body. There are access points on your spine where you can anchor in the flame, one for each chakra, and this brings all the properties that the violet flame was created for, to further balance, and activate your bodies, all four of them.

See the flames glowing as the flame travels through each chakra and is activated and held in each chakra. There is a great cleansing going on, the violet flame is transmuting all that is no longer for your highest good. When you feel the flames have completed their task, take a portion of the flame down into the core of the earth, and assist mother earth. Then thank your creator source for having made this available for you.

Removing and Transmuting genetic blood lines, old life experiences that have left scars, wounds, inbalances, etc from the past, present, and the future.

This technique clears your body of any imbalances, any less-than energies, that must be cleared to integrate the crystalline energies. You must once again ground yourself firmly to the earth. This process also replaces any old karmic patterns and places you in a state of grace. Do not let anyone tell you are anything less than beautiful, or that you are anything less than divine.

First you make an intention in this now moment that you no longer have any releasing to do because you have done your clearing, you have peeled your lotus flower to the bulb, to the core, and you are ready and able to receive the new energies. Again, with this intent of removing old energies that are still held in the recesses of your cells, you may not remember they are there, but they are still occupying space, so you are acknowledging the presence of potential blockages, emotions, any issues that you have clung to, by arguing for your limitations, any old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Say, "I acknowledge and recognize that there may still be some cells in my body holding spent energy, and even though I no longer remember how this happened, I am telling the universe that I are willing to release any and all old energies that are not for my highest good."

We again are going to bring into our bodies through our crown the energies of the violet flame, that of the Goddess Luna, and that of the God RA. The violet flame is a very potent transmuter of any energies still sitting in your cells, and causing you to be out of alignment, out of balance, out of centeredness, less than, uncleared emotional patterns that have repeated themselves within you, even though you do not realize they are there. This also activates your brain to prepare for the crystalline energies that you have not accessed before, and this preparation is necessary.

What we are doing is clearing ourselves to our essence, our soul, and connecting to the light luminaries that activate our newly cleansed and cleared energies. We bring though the energies again in the 12 rays of creation, the colors balancing and filling every cell that is now cleansed. You are preparing for the Atlantis crystals that are now awakening and are to assist mankind, but this can only be done if you have prepared your body in advance.

When we have completed this, we thank mother/father god for making this process available. There is an element of trust, and faith that go with procedure. You must believe it works for it to work.

You know all is possible, and that the new crystalline energies will not be absorbed into a body that is still holding old energy patterns, and that in removing them, you are grateful to all who have bought through this information. It is important to be in the now moment during this process as well because you are creating your body to be renewed with Adam Kadmon particles, the adamantine particles that are your source creation.

It is only from the now that you create, and what you are creating is your body in the divine perfection and in the likeness of Mother/Father God. It is in the now moment that you create and manifest. It is in the now moment that any wishes, yearnings, desires, abundance can be manifested.

Once you have told the Universe what these desires are, just let them go.

Remember as your clear and cleanse your own bodies you increase the light quotient on the earth, and this assists those who have not awakening to awaken.

We have seen fear making a return visit, because people judge themselves to not be ready, to not have completely released all that is to be released. Do not go there. You are each a spark of God, and all in within your power. Do not let fear make you think you are anything less than another, anything less than beautiful.

And so it is.

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