Thursday, November 11, 2010

11:11 Miracle Gateway

Traveling Through Love and Silence into the 11:11 Miracle Gateway
By DL Zeta

Whatever you have held as a potential but not yet realized now beckons on the horizon of a new gateway now opening in human consciousness. As this gateway continues to unfold in coming weeks, many will experience sensations of heightened awareness that center around an expanded heart center overflowing with radiant love and light.

During this time, the opportunity is ripe for merging deeper into one's divine feminine and masculine and entering new levels of lightbody activation. This gateway will give each being a greater sense of themselves as a light being. There will be moments when time will slow to reveal glimpses into other dimensions. Inner vision will allow one to see patterns of light radiating from within their heart center. Everything is possible now. Possibilities will filter through the lens of each being's most deeply held dreams.

Visions Manifest Within a Renewed Sense of Possibility

If you have felt certain visions were not possible for you, know that this is the time to hold those visions in your heart and mind with a renewed sense of possibility. It is much easier to build a belief during this time when your feeling states are elevated to manifest the visions your higher self downloads to your consciousness.

Silence and Love Carry You Through the Gateway

Your conscious mind will not be able to grasp the scope of the gateway now being activated by light transmissions. That is why it's more important than ever to enter times of silence and meditation in coming weeks. Love all that comes before you inside this space of silence, trusting that within this space everything happens according to divine timing and divine plan. It is through silence and breathing that you will be able to integrate the paradigm of the new time into your own energy matrix.

Today and every day in coming weeks, make a space and time to enter silence and join with many beings at the soul level to create a unified vision to activate this new paradigm in human consciousness.

Awakening to Deeper Levels of Today's Miracle Gateway

We invite you each day for the next two weeks to join with many around the planet to re-energize this opening and align your consciousness with ever deeper levels of love. In doing so, you will awaken to a new zip code on the map of your own consciousness. As you awaken to these ever expanding realities, you will travel further into the new time being offered by today's miracle gateway.

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