Monday, August 23, 2010

Nature and Elohim

Nature is much more than meets the eye with a riot of colors and the glorious abundance of earth. In truth, there is a material and spiritual science involved in Nature that is far beyond what most people imagine. In her seeming reckless wild abandon, there is the order of universal intelligence moving according to divine decree.

Man, who along with the ascended masters belongs to the branch of cosmic hierarchy known as the "Sons and Daughters of God," plays an important role in this cosmic scheme. When man was created by the Father-Mother God and told to take dominion over the earth, he was given helpers from both the "Angelic Kingdom" and from the kingdom known as the "Builders of Creation." So Nature is the servant of both God and man.

Elohim are the powerful beings who head up the Builders of Creation branch of cosmic hierarchy. Elohim is one of the Hebrew names of God. It is a uni-plural noun referring to the twin flames of the Godhead that comprise the "Divine Us." When speaking specifically of either the masculine or feminine half, the plural form is retained because both halves contain the divine whole. Elohim preside over the creation of star systems, planets and all physical life evolving anywhere in the universe. They carry the greatest concentration and highest vibration of light that we can comprehend.

Nature spirits or "elementals" serve under the direction of Elohim. Elementals are vital participants in the cosmic scheme, working to help create and sustain our planet. They work with the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. Fiery salamanders work with fire, sylphs with the air, undines with water and gnomes with the earth. They strive to physically manifest the beautiful concepts of creation held in the divine mind of Elohim.

While elementals serve to manifest divine creation, they also outpicture the concepts held in the minds of men. Many of mankind's thoughts and creations are unfortunately negative. Burdened by mankind's misuse of energy, elementals are forced by their very nature to release this negative karma through natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and earth changes. They help us as much as they can by removing toxins and impurities from the air, the sea and the land, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for these beings to do their work without mankind's conscious collaboration.

Because elementals live on a different level of the physical plane from ours, most people do not see them and, ignorant of their existence, have not actively combined forces with them in caring for the earth. The ascended masters encourage people to develop loving relationships with elemental life by sending them light, love and positive energy to assist them in their daily tasks. The masters also recommend using the Science of the Spoken Word as a direct and effective method for working with the elementals and giving them a boost of light. Consciously working with them in these ways can help offset and avert many natural disasters and weather patterns that are disrupting Nature and the harmony of earth's ecosystems.

Animals are also a large part of Nature on this planet. Animals have a group soul and are evolving into higher life forms. Occasionally an elemental will ensoul an animal body and assist the group soul in developing. Sometimes elementals ensoul animals that live with or around people. These "elemental" pets learn such lessons as love, obedience, patience and service. Advanced elementals can eventually earn a threefold flame through their service to souls of light. Through this spark of divinity within the heart, they enter the beginning level of the same kingdom as man, the "Sons and Daughters of God, thus moving up the ladder of spiritual evolution."

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