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Numerology for July: Taking the Lead In Your Life

This year, 2010 (21/3), will be full of opportunities for choices at all levels. There can be a deep inner peace underlying everything this year as long as you stay who you are. This is the year to begin forming the groups that will create and manifest the new institutions and organizations that will have a “prime directive” to serve humanity. You will have opportunities to define “friendship” in terms of unconditional love and learn to be ok making the discernments necessary to choose and work with those who can put excessive “emotion” (self-created fear) aside and be the true leader who understands cooperation and unity as tools to create the new world. It will require you to continually understand that it is loyalty to Self first that will keep you on your path.

July (28/10/1) is all about originality and initiative as the old concepts are swept away to start the new. This brings a great ability to crystallize your desires using the power of your imagination to mold substance into form, to manifest ideals into the physical. This is the energy of beginnings so accept the responsibility of leadership in your own life and move forward in your own way holding the ideal of the Law of Justice (balance) and you will achieve success. Don’t forget to rely on your Inner Wisdom as you make the choices for your future. The goal is to stay in balance and be okay with creating in your own way.

JULY 1 to JULY 3, 2010 (81/9)
You start this last quarter of harvesting with the energies of enlightened service. The vibrations this period is wonderful for relationship and completion as you prepare to move forward. In every situation focus on what can be done for the Universal good of all concerned, the win=win solution. This energy requires structure and organization for the continual rebirth and reorganization which needs to be manifest on the practical level. You begin with the energies of the Master Messenger which gives you an intense day with a sense of more responsibility; however, your Higher Guidance is there to guide you so pay attention. You are then given a day of celebration and creative expression of who you are as rewards come in abundance, especially in your domestic situation. This is followed by another intense day of Master energies, the Master Spiritual Builder on the Material Plane, helping you to stand in your own truth as you think outside the box in terms of humanity’s good. The goal for this period is to step into your power, authority, independence and leadership to bring Universal Love and Brotherhood into your life.

JULY 4 to JULY 10, 2010 (20/2)
This vibration brings you more Spiritual awakening through revelations of new plans, new purposes and new ambitions. Be aware that everything happens in an order that is conscious of both timing and details so gather the facts, look at the larger picture and see the alternatives, make your decisions and act decisively. You will be required to make decisions which will bring adaptation and renewal which creates the awakened Spiritual awareness and illumination you seek. You begin the week with a strong sense of adventure and change so allow your mind to open to “other possibilities” for variety in your life. Your sensitivity to what lies beneath the surface is then enhanced and intensified by the Master Builder vibration to urge you to check your foundations, your beliefs, and make sure they work for the new you. Now you have a day to reflect and visualize what you want to reassess if everything is in place for the manifestation of your vision. A day to examine and investigate whatever spontaneously comes up in your life is here; however, it is a benevolent time and energy so stay calm and choose the appropriate response and action to the events. A day to interact comes to help you serve and as you do by maintaining harmony and peace you will uplift yourself and others. A day of reminders of the purpose of the month comes to you so use these energies to crystallize your desires and remember that nothing is to be begun until you use your inner Wisdom and strong sense of justice as a foundation. You end the week with the intensity of the Master Messenger vibration to bring you insights and revelations regarding your direction that will be spontaneous so stay alert and in balance at all levels. Your goal for this week is to be the mediator who uses insights and revelations to support polarity (physicality) and keep everything in balance both Spiritual and Physical.

JULY 11 to JULY 17, 2010 (24/6)
This week is for you to develop a deep sense of order within so that your life will be in order without. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitions this week because they will give you direction and guidance when necessary. To develop this inner order, your sensitivity to what is beneath the surface will be increased. Be prepared to take responsibility to bring things into harmony because this will bring peace and balance. You begin the week with the underlying intensity of the Master Messenger energies combined with the restless energies of celebration and all this heightens your sensitivity even more and requires inner order and balance to use these energies effectively. This moves you to a day which requires you to value system and organization as a necessary element to effect worthwhile conditions to manifest the new ideas which come to you with this energy so be aware that you can say “no” and draw the boundaries for your own evolution. Now you have the energies of adventure and change come to you which is a necessary part to any evolution so “go with the flow” and trust your inner knowing today. The energies of sensitivity for the week surface so go to your center and take command of all parts of you and take this opportunity to stay fixed in the flow from a place of inner security and balance. Then your intuition is heightened so you can reconstruct your mental energies, if necessary, into a positive force, so withdraw and reflect today and listen to your Inner Voice for direction and put off any action as information comes to the surface and brings light and reality to clarify situations. Now you have a day of gentle external energies of cooperation and compatibility as you are asked to freely take responsibility and show compassion (awareness and understanding) with faith in the Higher Forces that all is in right order. You end the week with energies that bring you the rewards of your past achievements while you prepare for new adventures so share your accomplishments with meaning companions and your relationships will bloom and bring deeper understanding. Your goal for the week is to have a strong sense of order within, be conscious of your dreams and seek truth in your deep inner knowing.

JULY 18 to JULY 24, 2010 (28/10/1)
This week intensifies the vibrations of the month to assist you in perfecting your concepts of justice (balance) because justice brings success and honors when you accept the responsibilities of leadership and pioneering a new way. Key concepts to work on are originality and initiative as you experience the old concepts being swept away, Keep focused on your vision of what can be and imagine it into existence in a balanced (just) way. The first day of the week intensifies these concepts even more to remind you that every seed (concept) you plant for the future must be surrounded with and embedded in justice for all. You are now given a Master day of insights and revelations to assist you in bringing the Spiritual side of life into your creation so stay aware of your Higher Guidance for direction at this time. A day of celebration comes to you so make sure you are centered in order to not get carried away by what can be restless energies, even chaotic, which will bring you joy and harmony from your center. This is a month and week of “ideas” and now you are given many new concepts that will bring forth the forces hidden in your mind so use these energies and your heightened intuition to recognize if you feel challenges they are to the old way of doing things and find a new way. An intense day of underlying Master energies combined with the restless energies of freedom and change is here to assist you in strengthening your ability to remain centered and objectively examine any self-imposed limitations limitations which requires you to use these energies constructively to do things in your own way and move your thinking to a broader picture for the benefit of all humanity and use that to build a firm foundation for your future. A day of inspiration and sensitivity to what’s beneath the surface comes to assist you in centering your inner world to grasp the opportunities to get and stay in the flow which enables you to respond and not react to unexpected events and opportunities. You end the week with a day to reassess and reflect upon where you are enabling you to reconstruct your mental energies into a positive force and empower your visualization of what you want so be prepared to be flexible, resourceful and adaptable as necessary to adjust everything to demonstrate the truth. Your goal for this week is to accept the mantel of original leadership in your life, organize it and pioneer for new beginnings of justice for all.

JULY 25 to JULY 31, 2010 (23/5)
You end the month with a strong sense of adventure and change and any inner conflicts you may have regarding your sense of security, whether it’s inside or outside, will come to the foreground to assist you to find your point of inner security which is the source of your strength and leadership. These energies are about accepting that your “home base” is within and through your connection to all that is. This results in freedom which must be handled responsibly and constructively or you will break away from situations when unwarranted. You begin the week with a day of “good things” so use these gentle energies to examine and investigate the details that spontaneously come to your attention and, when required, act objectively to reap the benefits. A day to interact with others and share your accomplishments is presented to you so maintain harmony and peace and your relationships will bloom and bring deeper understanding. You now face three consecutive days of Master energies to prepare you for August, the month of revelations. The first is a higher Master number, 44, which gives more and demands more because it is concerned with the balancing of higher Spiritual energies in the material world so so use the energies which come with this, those of the month, which will give you great abilities to crystallize conditions as you evaluate your present circumstances and find the answers within which will allow you to mold actual substance. Then you have two days with the Master Messenger intensity and influence. The first will give you opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual areas and require you to take more responsibility and put forth more effort; however, it promises great rewards so remain receptive to the messages that will bring balance into your affairs. The second combines the restless energies of celebration with the Master Messenger to help you acknowledge and value how far you’ve come. The forces if your mind are then brought forth for you to realize the value of system and order to effect worthwhile conditions so your intuition will be heightened and examine any “challenge” you feel because they are showing you the “old way” of doing things in order for you to choose your way of doing things. You end the month with the restless energies of freedom and change for you to focus and use constructively and put them into action in your own unusual or unconventional approach to accomplishing the task. Your goal for this week is to stay attached to your security within, honor your intuition and your increased perceptions and be willing to choose your way from a point of organization within in preparation for August, the month of inspiration and revelation.

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