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Astrological Energies July 5 to 11, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans

Photo: Crop circle reported on July 3, 2010, located near Chisbury, Wiltshire, England (photo by Steve Alexander). For interpretation, visit

With the energies of the June 26 partial Lunar Eclipse still vibrating in our physical and emotional fields, we now prepare for a total Solar Eclipse on July 11. The totality of the eclipse will be visible over the Pacific Ocean (including Tahiti and Easter Island) and the southern tips of Argentina and Chile in South America.

Almost (or perhaps?) literally, our energy is being pulled like taffy, stretching us beyond previous limitations, and requiring that we do a considerable amount of release work to create the space in our energy fields for holding more light. We can make good use of these last few days of the current lunar cycle, leading up to the New Moon/Solar Eclipse next Sunday, to release, remove, clear out and detox on many levels.

Last week's three-way tango between the South Node, the Sun and Mercury brought important information to our conscious awareness, helping us more fully realize the karmic imperatives of this lifetime, and the higher intentions for which we incarnated this time around. As a result of this awareness, most of us are feeling a bit more vulnerable than usual, and preferring to stay in our comfort zones rather than taking too many risks for now.

This week, as we prepare for the Solar Eclipse, we are integrating what we have learned. As we review and release the self-definitions of the past, we gain more clarity about how we choose to act and who we want to be in the Now. Next Sunday's Solar Eclipse will act as midwife to the birth of the new self we are becoming.

The nodes and eclipses have a 19-year cycle, which means we are revisiting, in some form, issues that we were working with in 1991. A review of that year in our personal lives, and relating it to the present, may supply more clues to the higher purposes of our current situations.

Uranus stations retrograde on Monday, increasing the current pressures for change and beginning the eccentric planet's journey toward another interaction with conservative Saturn. The influence of this fifth and final Uranus-Saturn opposition will grow over the next two weeks, reaching a pinnacle the last week of July.

We are at an important shift point our evolution, poised on the brink of important realizations and developments, personally and globally. Watch for specific developments related to this evolutionary step beginning on July 21 when Saturn re-enters Libra; then around the exact Uranus-Saturn opposition on July 26; and from July 29 to August 3, when Mars enters Libra, opposes Uranus and the Moon, conjoins Saturn, and then opposes Jupiter.

There may be some relief to know that the astrological chart for our Solar Eclipse next Sunday does not have the intensity of the chart for the Lunar Eclipse just completed. However, eclipses in general are agents of change, and a total Solar Eclipse is especially important as a starting point for projects and ideas that will gain form over the next six months.

Since this eclipse is in Cancer, we are looking for new enterprises that contribute to our personal/emotional security, as well as those that honor and support the healing of our home, Mother Earth. This may specifically relate to the environmental issues in the Gulf of Mexico, since Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac and, as represented by the Crab, is naturally associated with the world's oceans.

The Sun and the Moon are aligned with the asteroid Juno at the time of the eclipse, giving us a few more hints as to its purpose and effects. Juno symbolizes the importance of loyalty, intimacy, trust and commitment in partnered relationships. This indicates the potential for changes in partnerships over the next six months, a theme reinforced by Saturn's entry into Libra on July 21.

Hopefully, too, the energies of this Cancer eclipse will serve to remind us that we humans are in partnership with the Earth, and that our primary commitment -- and vital to all life on our beautiful planet -- is to her well-being.



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