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Astrological Energies for May 17 to 23, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans
Photo: The Venus-Moon conjunction on May 15, as seen in the skies above Borrego Springs, California (photo by Dennis Mammana)

In comparison to last week's sparse list of planetary aspects, this week's list is full to overflowing. The variety of energies is a bit overwhelming as well, almost as if we'll be changing moods, opinions and directions every other minute. Add to that the Sun's entry into mentally-active Gemini on Thursday, and we may need to be reminded to pause and breathe from time to time.

I usually look for a main theme as I consider the aspects for the coming week -- but as I read over the list for this week, it's all a bit difficult to organize in any kind of logical sequence. Most of the aspects involve a faster-moving personal planet, which means their effect is more temporary, lasting at most a day. Perhaps we can interpret this to mean that our best advice for the week is not to attach too strongly to what occurs. It will be a busy week -- and, like the highs and lows of a rollercoaster, each event will seem to propel us to the next.

One aspect that does stand out above the rest is the Saturn-Jupiter opposition on Saturday. These two planets move a bit more slowly than the personal planets, and so their interactions tend to have longer-lasting effect.

Jupiter and Saturn represent very opposite themes in general -- Jupiter is expansive and asks us to take risks and grow, while Saturn can be restrictive, requiring that we learn patience and responsibility, and that we proceed a small step at a time. If Jupiter is the desire to go bungee-jumping, Saturn is the fear that has us considering the possible consequences.

Being in opposite signs at the moment increases the polarity of these two planetary influences. Jupiter in Pisces is holding out the carrot of spiritual and creative fulfillment, while Saturn in Virgo is pointing at the current state of our physical reality, saying "How can you possibly believe in Nirvana, when the world around you is in such chaos?"

The positive side of Saturn's influence is that he does focus us in on what needs to be done to improve this reality. He's also clearly showing us now, as he slows to change directions at the end of May, where institutions and organizations are not in integrity and need work. These "organizations" are not only the business and social structures, but our corporeal structures as well. We are more aware right now of where our bodies are out of alignment, and where there are blocks to the flow of energy through our physical systems. We are gathering information about how to fix or heal these various structures as Saturn finishes up his retrograde phase, and will likely have more success in their repair once Saturn goes direct on May 30.

The opposition between Saturn and Jupiter asks us to find a middle ground, to neither tip too far into Never-Never Land nor too far into the fear and belief that there is no magic at all. It also requires that we move beyond the victim / martyr / perpetrator game and embrace a more expanded awareness that can see the higher purposes of what occurs.

The best use of these energies is to do the work Saturn in Virgo requires -- finding practical, this-world solutions to practical, this world problems -- while at the same time listening to the whispers of Jupiter in Pisces, who is telling us that faith and hope are not just for fairytales or dreams, but are equal partners to responsibility and action on this physical plane.

Venus seems to be the recipient of a fair number of the aspects this week, so we can expect that Venus-ruled areas -- relationships, artistry, values and financial/material well-being -- will also go through some ups and downs.

Venus is interacting with the building Grand Cross energies as she squares both Saturn and Uranus (on Tuesday and Wednesday) and then opposes Pluto (on Sunday). This puts personal relationships and financial issues in the hot seat, as we come to terms with what changes are needed in these areas as we go forward.

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Neptune and Chiron will help Venus -- and us! -- adapt to the shifts this week, through trine aspects on Tuesday and Thursday. These are our reminders that not everything is as it appears on the surface, and that trust is not a fool's game, but an essential mindset that will help guide us through the transformative times we are in.


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