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Numerology for April 2010

APRIL 2010 - Making Changes to Demonstrate the Truth
Numerology – The Silver Key
by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

This year, 2010 (21/3), will be full of opportunities for choices at all levels. There can be a deep inner peace underlying everything this year as long as you stay who you are. This is the year to begin forming the groups that will create and manifest the new institutions and organizations that will have a “prime directive” to serve humanity. You will have opportunities to define “friendship” in terms of unconditional love and learn to be ok making the discernments necessary to choose and work with those who can put excessive “emotion” (self-created fear) aside and be the true leader who understands cooperation and unity as tools to create the new world. It will require you to continually understand that it is loyalty to Self first that will keep you on your path.

April (25/7) gives you a month to be reflective and reassess where you are and how far you’ve come. It gives you strong intuitive energies to help you move your mental energies into a positive force for your creation. Listen to your inner guidance and you will be given direction for forward movement in your life. Your foundation is the truth and as you practice listening to your intuition you will find information coming to the surface which will bring light, reality and clarity to your situations. Your goal is to remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make whatever changes are necessary to demonstrate the truth.

APRIL 1 to APRIL 3, 2010 (81/9)
You begin this quarter of harvesting your rewards with the higher energies of organization at a practical level. Remember, that no matter what you build, without structure you have wasted energy. You have the ability to regenerate yourself and others which puts you in a position of leadership for humanity. This pushes you to work from a Spiritual motivation and direction to reach your vast storehouse of Wisdom beneath the surface that needs to be directed and channeled for the good of humankind. You start this period with a day of easy flowing external energies which will have a lot of spontaneity showing you details of your material affairs that may require action in order to reap the harvest of those experiences. Then you have a day to share your understandings in order to reap the rewards of deeper understanding of your relationships if you maintain harmony and peace in the process. The period ends with energies to assist you to balance the manifestation of who you are at your highest level of Wisdom and Truth. The goal is to use your talents, power and independence for the Universal good of humankind, one human at a time if necessary.

APRIL 4 to APRIL 10, 2010 (26/8)
Eight symbolizes form that is solidified in matter, the energy of the Universal Law of Truth, cause and effect. Although this week will have easy flowing external energies, you will have opportunities to address the greatness of Source on the material plane. Address issues that spontaneously arise with balance, organization and wisdom and you will reap the harvest of abundance that is under this influence. You start the week with Master Messenger energies that may require you to take more responsibility and exert more effort to stay connected to your Higher Guidance for direction, yet, promises great rewards as you heed the Spiritual messages everywhere designed to bring balance into your affairs. You then have a day of celebratory energies that may feel restless so stay connected to your intuition and you’ll find great peace and direction through the joy of celebration. Tuesday you have the Master Spiritual Builder on the Material Plane energies arise within you to assist you to think in terms that will benefit humanity and find practical ways to manifest those concepts within your physical life. You move into a day that helps you to experience change easily and see it as an adventure rather than something to fear. A day of increased sensitivity to what “lies beneath” comes with opportunities and experiences to examine your foundation for your process of being the Master Spiritual Builder for all of humanity. Friday is a day to withdraw and use your strong intuitive abilities to get centered, visualize what you desire and, if necessary, reconstruct your mental energies to support those desires. You end the week with the energies of the week surfacing to increase and remind you of the need to center and discern what action to take to reap the harvest of your work. The goal for the week is to find the place of balance within your responsibilities to serve and balance in using your power and authority in the flow to give and receive to bring unity and organization to what you are manifesting.

APRIL 11 to APRIL 17, 2010 (21/3)
This energy is largely concerned with friendship and loyalty. The opportunities and experiences will be directed to learning about loyalty and what true friendship, not acquaintanceship, is all about. One of the lessons of loyalty is leaning not to waste your energy fighting things that cannot be changed, including people. When you understand that loyalty to self is the important point, you begin to more easily grasp the concept of Universal Brotherhood. This is changing the old order by changing to the new based in loyalty to self which brings peace and bring you creative energies to be used for the greater good. You start this week of friendships and loyalty with opportunities to share your accomplishments with others and learn how to maintain harmony and peace in those interactions and also to observe them to determine what friendship means to you. With this knowledge you move to a day that supports your attempts to crystallize and clarify your desires and use the power of your imagination to manifest them into your life by relying on your intuitive Wisdom and your strong sense of justice (balance) in all things. Now you have a day that strengthens your connection to your inner knowing and it requires more responsibility and effort; however, it promises great rewards if you listen to your Higher Guidance and remain sensitive to all the messages that come to you today. You get a day of celebration energies that can feel restless if you lose sight of the fact your celebrating your creation of who you are in totality so stay aware of that connection to the rest of you as you move through the day which can bring great joy, harmony and peace. A day to bring forth the forces of your mind to realize the value of system and order to effect anything you build is brought to you and it also gives you heightened intuitive abilities to walk through any challenges to the old ways of doing things that are presented. As these are cleared, your sense of adventure in the changes is heightened so seek out “new” thoughts, feelings and events to enjoy that adventure. You end the week with energies of increased sensitivity to what lies beneath in order to check your inner foundations and insure they are firm before you move on in the flow. You goal for this week is to achieve inner peace and know creativity stems from that place.

APRIL 18 to APRIL 24, 2010 (25/7)
This week brings you a great deal of Spiritual Wisdom and heightens your psychic abilities. This is to enhance your ability to know the reality of life and welcome change so you can become that pioneering Spirit seeking knowledge. Opportunities will arise to assist you to balance this Wisdom and adventurous quest with the material world so you can overcome and obstacles you may meet. The week starts with a day that intensifies these energies so you really get what this is about so you see the information coming to the surface as something to assist you to bring light, reality and clarification to all situations. Then you are presented with a day of balanced external energies so you can focus on any material details of your life which arise and use the underlying Master Healer/Teacher energies to accept the responsibility to bring them to truth and balance with love and compassion using your courage and faith in your Higher Forces that ALL is in its right order. This brings you a day to interact and share as you complete things and prepare to move forward so maintain harmony and peace within as you move through this process. Now it’s time to clarify and crystallize your desires for the next step, always remembering the Wisdom that justice (not judgment) needs to be a fundamental part of everything you build. You now have opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual side of life as revelations, insights and message come to you to bring balance into your affairs so to benefit from this keep all aspects of yourself in balance. Stay in that point of balance as you are given the energies of celebration and creation which can feel restless; however, can bring great joy, harmony and peace as well as give you direction at this time. This prepares you to end the week by opening your mind to news of the new order so you can be a forerunner for better conditions based on system and organization. Your goal for the week is to be independent, accept your intuition and blend the “scientific” knowledge into the Spiritual.

APRIL 25 to APRIL 30, 2010 (18/9)
You end the month with the energies of Universal Love and Brotherhood unfolding. Be aware of new insights and visions that are being formed in your mind and take these to the Highest Source for the Universal Good of all humanity. Allow these to germinate and use your power and authority to bring these concepts into the new project ahead, making sure you have completed the necessary requirements. This can be an intense emotional energy that gives intense feelings and vivid imagination that you will be required to keep in balance in order to influence the lives you touch. You start with restless energies that must be used constructively and put into action with patience, persistence and determination as you use your own approach to accomplish the task. A day of increased sensitivity follows so you can check your foundations and your progress so far. This brings you to a day of increased energies of the month as you use your strong intuitive energies to further reconstruct your mental energy into a positive force so listen to your Inner Voice for direction in doing this. A day of spontaneity comes to you to examine and investigate what is brought to your attention to discern what action, if any, is required for further movement. Then you have a day to share your accomplishments to gain deeper understanding of where you are in your process as well as others so maintain harmony and peace and all will be uplifted by the underlying Master Messenger energies of Spirit. You end the month with the energies to clarify and crystallize your desires and use the power of your imagination to mold that into your life expression as you are supported by the Master Architect energies of manifesting the higher Spiritual energies into the material world as you prepare for May, a month of manifestation of your creation.

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