Sunday, April 4, 2010

Astrological Energies for April 5 to 11, 2010

Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

Two planetary shifts occur this coming week: On Tuesday, Pluto changes direction, to be retrograde (going backward) until September. And on Wednesday, Saturn, already retrograde, steps back into Virgo for a short revisit, eventually returning to Libra on July 21.

These types of astrological changes can be fairly subtle when considered as to their impact our day-to-day lives. But they do indicate a shift in intention and in what growth is supported.

Saturn's return to Virgo indicates that we still have some clean-up work to do with the issues represented by that sign. If we're still holding onto negative traits such as criticalness, pessimism, or victim-consciousness, we will have opportunities over the next three months to see those qualities clearly and to choose new perspectives.

This final wash cycle appears to be a necessary step before we can proceed further with the intentions of Saturn's passage through Libra -- some of which are to see our partnerships more realistically, with fewer expectations, and to bring a stronger base of fairness and harmony into all our relationships.

Knowing that Saturn's return to Virgo re-energizes the Saturn-Uranus opposition (exact on April 26) also gives us some things to think about. The influence of this opposition has been working with us since fall of 2008. Since that time, personally and globally, we have been pushed and prodded to free ourselves from the outdated structures and methods of the past.

With Saturn now re-entering Virgo, setting up a fourth interaction with Uranus in Pisces, we must assume that there are still some processes, organizations, methods and techniques in use that need to be altered in tangible ways before we can successfully go forward.

As discussed in last week's Journal, Pluto's station may have a strong impact this week for some of us. This planet, though tiny in astronomy's eyes, is often involved in some major moments of transformation. Pluto brings to the surface what has been hidden, those unconscious beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve us. He also can take us through a figurative death and rebirth, where we must release some aspect of our nature. Once we have gone through the cleansing, we emerge on the other side renewed and more truly empowered, no longer relying on false foundations to support us.


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