Thursday, March 25, 2010

Countdown to 2012 Reaches 1000 Days

2012 – 1000 days to go and the Noosphere is counting
by José Argüelles
Galactic Research Institute, Foundation for the Law of Time

As of March 27, 2010, the countdown to 2012 reaches 1000 days – a critical benchmark in the approach to the now highly touted prophetic end date of the current “Great Cycle” of the Mayan Calendar.

This particular point – 1000 days – is considered to be of the greatest significance by a Mongolian research group, The Strategic Advocacy and Implementation, NGO (, and According to their spokesman, Erdenechimeg Ish, in a document entitled, The Secret of Mayan Calendar is revealed, “The ancient Mongolians considered the man who ruled 1,000, 10,000, 1,000,000 and 1,000,000,000 people as the King. That is why the remaining 1000 days until the 21 December 2012 is very important to mankind. … In the ancient Mongolian calendar, 1000 days is one cycle of the universe, which can hold the force of the Eternal Blue Heaven. This number can completely decide the world protection from the disaster of mankind’s civilization.”

According to the program of The Strategic Advocacy and Implementation, NGO, if mankind can unite and form the “world protection belt” during the three spring equinoxes of 2010, 2011 and 2012, then mankind will be saved from total disaster. Already we have joined with the Mongolian calendar group in a call for humanity to unite on the spring equinox, 2010, and we will continue to issue that call for 2011 and 2012. The spring equinox (autumn, Southern hemisphere) is the moment when Earth is in perfect balance, and that is why activating the world protection belt at these moments is so critical.

By the third day of the Prophets Conference 2012, The Tipping Point II, July 25, 2010 (Day out of Time on the 13 Moon 28-day calendar), there will be but 880 days to go. In this light, it is important for humanity to grasp the issue of the “world protection belt.” The principle of the world protection belt lies in the untapped power of the human mind to collectively unify under a single thought that can literally change the course of world destiny.

Whether one thinks that the prophecy of the Mayan Calendar date is true or not, it is clear from the present course of world events that the direction in which things are going does not bode well for the planetary condition by 21 December 2012. All conventional efforts to halt the speed and rate of destruction seem virtually impotent (as witness the recent Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming). At this point, only a super human exercise of the collective mind and will can have any effect on the planetary situation. And that is exactly what is called for – that is the meaning of the “world protection belt.”

Technically speaking, from the Mayan calendar point of view, 21 December 2012 marks the arrival of year
Zero. This means the time- 5125 years - allotted for humanity to comprehend who and what it is and what it has been doing to itself and the planet will be all used up. We will be at a “time-quake zero” – the pause between the old time ending and the new time beginning. This is the precise moment to program a new holistic perception of our selves and the cosmos into the collective mind field of the Earth, the noosphere.

Every day now counts in the cultivation of the positive planetary mental field of the world protection belt, which at the same time is the activation of the noosphere, the mental envelope of the planet. The next phase of our evolution, the noosphere, is already waiting to be sprung into effect. The noosphere, the collective conscious mind of the Earth, is counting the days and counting on a critical mass of humans to be ready to quantum shift forward at the changing of the aeon – zero-point 2012.

If there is any single purpose to events like the 2012 Tipping Point Conference, it is to not only raise consciousness about 2012, but to help positively focus the human mind and will on the world protection belt, literally a harmonic mind wave that straddles the planet from pole to pole: A single thought of universal peace, a single moment, a single mind wave stabilizing the electromagnetic field of the planet. The time for the miracle of the creative human imagination in action has never been so needed.

“Maybe some day you’ll join us and the world will be as one”
John Lennon, Imagine


Lydia said...

I love your blog!

jennifer boose said...

Oh, thanks, Lydia! Funny, what began as a journal became a collection of articles from some of the people I most admire and some whose opinions I find interesting and may not entirely agree with. So all this is to be read with discernment. Take only that which resonates with you and leave the rest. I'm an information collector and hope that something I find and post will be of benefit to someone else who stumbles upon it.

Blessings to you in these miraculous times.


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shirley said...

i am going to Mexico and will see for myself the Mayan ruins, have always believed in their predictions and now i am doing a lot of research - great blog

jennifer boose said...

Hi Shirley. Research provides the knowledge which will help you understand the energy you will feel while you walk among the seen and unseen around the sacred sites. Have a wonderful trip to Mexico! Let us know how it went when you return.