Friday, February 26, 2010


There is much misconception about karma. Most think karma is a debt incurred to paid in the next lifetime, such as if you hurt some one in this lifetime, they will hurt you in the next. Karma is neither that simple nor that binding.

Karma is about lessons to be learned and if they are not learned then the need will still be there to learn in the next lifetime. For example if a child does not learn to read in the first grade he can not move into the second grade until he does and the same is true with life lessons. If you do not learn how not to be a victim then your next lesson will be that same lesson. On and on like the movie Groundhog Day. You can even see it as a repeating pattern in your current lifetime. If a person has a long enough life and enough relationships it becomes very obvious that their relationships are repeated patterns over and over again until karma is resolved by learning the lesson the relationship is presenting.

Earthly relationships are karmic in nature; your parents, your children, your friends, employers, co-workers, etc. These are all people you have known in many other lifetimes coming together to learn the lessons you did not learn in your last lifetime together. If you had an overbearing, critical parent and suffered greatly as a child and hold anger and resentment toward them that is not resolved in this lifetime you will once again be put in the same situation to learn this lesson. These people are in your life by your mutual agreement to do just this (except for those handlers and controllers placed in your life by the other side); to have the opportunity to forgive each other and yourself and release them with LOVE.

Thank them for the lesson and the opportunity. Let them and all the negative emotions go and fill the space with LOVE and Gratitude for their involvement with you. They may not release and forgive you with LOVE and they will go on and learn their lessons in another lifetime with someone else, but you will be free to move on. Simply release them with LOVE, thank them for the lesson and the opportunity and let them and all the negative emotion go and let the LOVE flow in. It really is that simple.

This will create a new appreciation for all the people and situations in your life that you once blamed for your faults and failures. Not only do you release them and no longer hold them responsible for any unhappiness in your life but you are able to see the bigger picture of how you were both playing your parts to learn lessons for the growth and development of your eternal Self. If you look at each lifetime as a day in the life of your Soul it is easier to understand the necessary lessons that must be learned as you mature as an eternal Being. Along with releasing and forgiving and realizing the part you played you must be able to see your decisions and habitual actions that have created the repeating patterns and situations.

Have you closed yourself off and built a wall around your heart to protect it from any more pain? Not only must you forgive and release; you must open your heart to Love and become strong and move forward into a new way of feeling and being. Then your lesson will have been learned and you can move on to the next and the next and the next, until you reach the goal of mastering Life.

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