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Astrological Energies for March 1 to 7, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans

Another earthquake has rocked the planet, this latest one off the coast of Chile being the fifth largest Earth shift in present-day recorded history. To say that it was an energy release 500 times more intense than the recent quake in Haiti tells the story in planetary terms.

Both of these earthquakes have done much to remind us of the interconnectedness of our human family -- perhaps acting as messengers for the higher purposes of the current Neptune-Chiron alignment in Aquarius: the bringing together of those who have been estranged in a new understanding of our commonality.

The heart-level response after the Haitian quake was immediate and global, an unprecedented unification of peoples in humanitarian cause, and a major reawakening of Community. And the widespread tsunami warnings following the Chilean quake, while (thankfully) lifted without additional catastrophes having occurred, have reminded us of our common Home, and that what affects one affects All.

Our concept of "neighborhood" and "neighbor" will continue to expand, under the influence of the Neptune-Chiron alignment, throughout much of 2010.

The first date of exact Neptune-Chiron alignment was February 16, but the energy was brought more fully into our awareness as Mercury conjoined both Neptune and Chiron yesterday (February 27, the date of the Chilean quake). This is often how the effects of a major planetary alignment manifest in physical reality -- the energy created by the two slower-moving planets is "triggered" into manifestation when a faster-moving planet catches up to them.

Neptune and Chiron remain in very close contact with each other (within one degree) for the next two weeks, and then will gradually become less entwined as Chiron, the faster-moving of the two, moves ahead of Neptune. Both will go retrograde in late May/early June, and gradually come closer to each other until they again conjoin during the third week of October. They are then virtually roommates for the remainder of the year, not separating until we are well into 2011.

This means that the effects of this Neptune-Chiron alignment are very strong now, then may have peaks of effect in late May/early June (when Mars is opposite them both from his location in Leo), and then will return to finish their work with us during the last three months of 2010.

Do we expect earthquakes again during those key times? Perhaps. It's never easy to forecast such things, especially given the fact that Aquarius is involved, arguably the least predictable of the signs.

But, in keeping with the purposes of the Neptune-Chiron alignment, we can predict that whatever occurs around these times will contribute to the dissolving of boundaries or barriers that have kept us alienated from each other.

Mercury changes signs this week, moving into Pisces on Monday. This represents a shift in our shared consciousness, as we change our perspective from being intellectually-based (leaving Aquarius, an air sign) into being more heart-centered (entering Pisces, a water sign).

This may be a subtle shift for most of us. But once Mercury dons the flowing garments of Pisces, we will have five planets (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus) in the sign of compassion, sensitivity and spiritual alignment. This emphasis on the last sign of the zodiac supports our spiritual growth and reminds us to rely more on our intuition than our logic. Pisces also encourages us to release and forgive the past, knowing that to hold on now only interferes with our ability to make a new start with the astrological New Year on March 20.

Venus is the first of those five Pisces planets to set foot into the energies of that New Year, as she enters Aries next Sunday. This change of signs represents our opportunity to begin anew in the areas of relationship and resources.

Before she leaves Pisces, however, Venus will get a jumpstart of sorts, through her alignment with Uranus on Wednesday. This may be just the energetic support we need to break free from the constraints of the past, in terms of how we've handled our relationships and resources. Depending on our situation and our soul's purposes, this alignment may coincide with gaining literal freedom -- as in letting go of a relationship or of a financial support system -- or a more figurative (but sometimes even more powerful) freedom from the attitudes and perspectives that have kept us in bondage in these areas.

Most notably, because we are dealing with Pisces, we will be encouraged to liberate ourselves from ways in which we have played victim, rescuer, or martyr in our relationships. The more we can utilize this Uranus-Venus influence in productive ways, to free ourselves of the bondage of these roles, the better we will be able to also use the energy that begins on Sunday, when Venus both enters Aries and forms a supportive, forward-moving trine aspect with Mars.

Speaking of Mars, we are in our last full week of Mars retrograde, as he is slowing in preparation for going direct on March 10. We have just a few more days to complete our review work that was begun in late December. This has been an opportunity to look more closely at what we REALLY want, and perhaps also to see how our false ego has gotten in the way of our finding true joy.

We can continue to take advantage of this inward-seeking energy throughout this week, with the anticipation of using what we have learned to create new avenues of self-expression in the weeks and months to come.

Another subtle influence that becomes exact this week is a biquintile aspect between Neptune and Saturn on Tuesday (a biquintile is formed when planets are separated by 144 degrees). Any interaction between Neptune and Saturn brings together the themes of idealism and realism, two concepts often seen as opposites.

But the biquintile is an aspect of creativity, which should help us find ways to link those opposites. Depending on our soul's need, this may correspond in the "positive" with the concrete manifestation of something we have held as an ideal. In the "negative," this influence may indicate a reality check, where we see what can and cannot be accomplished in terms of manifesting our vision.

And yet, even what we initially see as a negative can quickly become a positive with this influence. As astrologer Bil Tierney writes in his book Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, the biquintile "allows us to grasp a holistic overview, plus grants us the power and single-mindedness required to bring such a rare perspective into sharper focus, integrating all intricacies involved into a more unified whole."

To have the ability to gain the higher perspective on our dreams -- whether or not they are manifesting as we thought they would -- can only be a good thing.



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