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Numerology for February 2010 - Becoming The Real You

This year, 2010 (21/3), will be full of opportunities for choices at all levels. There can be a deep inner peace underlying everything this year as long as you stay who you are. This is the year to begin forming the groups that will create and manifest the new institutions and organizations that will have a “prime directive” to serve humanity. You will have opportunities to define “friendship” in terms of unconditional love and learn to be okay making the discernments necessary to choose and work with those who can put excessive “emotion” (self-created fear) aside and be the true leader who understands cooperation and unity as tools to create the new world. It will require you to continually understand that it is loyalty to Self first that will keep you on your path.

February (23/5) This month brings you a strong sense of adventure and change which may challenge your inner security, your foundation, to assist you to stand on your own two feet no matters what happens. Allow your mind to expand and look to adventure and change as something that is necessary for evolution. If you feel resistance to this, examine what beliefs you have about your own capabilities to “cope”. You can help yourself get past the resistance by making small changes every day. For example, if you always put on your right shoe first, put your left one on first. That’s all it takes. The goal this month is stay balanced in all your interactions so that you can move forward no matter what changes are occurring around you.

FEBRUARY 1 to FEBRUARY 6, 2010 (24/6)
FEBRUARY 7 to FEBRUARY 13, 2010 (24/6)
FEBRUARY 28, 2010 (24/6)

No, this is not an error. I quadruple checked the calculations. You have a situation where 14 days, half of this month, are supported by the vibration of sensitivity. Your goal for this month is to be balanced within and this vibration has a deep sense of order within which is then manifested outwardly. You have many days to get there and it is necessary that you get there if you wish to build your life into the new paradigm, to be the “authentic” you. Everything that occurs will be experiences to assist you in staying “connected” to your Inner Awareness of what really is, what is “behind” the experience. You begin this period with experiences to check your inner connection and need to accept what you are realizing about what is beneath each experience and then work through any emotions so that you choose a response fitting to the “new” you. You move to a day of silence in order to recognize your own inner knowing and accept it in order to reconstruct your mental energies to clear limitations of thought and clarify your situation. This is followed by a day of free flowing energies that will spontaneously bring up anything in your life that needs to be examined and investigated for limitations and it will require you to choose wisely what actions to take or not take to reap the harvest of your abundance which you will achieve the next day. As you are reaping your rewards of past achievements and preparing for new adventures, make sure to share what you have learned in your relationships to bring deeper understanding. This increased understanding brings you to a day of experiences to help you clarify and crystallize your desires and use your imagination to find ways to manifest that into your life with a strong sense of justice and understanding of, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Now you have a day where there are Spirit messages everywhere to bring balance to your affairs so pay attention to everything and keep an open mind to see what message is being given to you. You’ve worked hard and now it’s a time to celebrate who you are as domestic situations can blossom with joy, harmony and peace if you stay connected to your inner knowing for direction. The energies of the Master Builder on the material plane bring a potentially intense day of experiences to assist you to think in large sweeping terms that will benefit all of humanity and may require hard work if you meet restrictions that need to be examined and cleared. This brings you to a day with a strong sense of adventure and change to remind you of the overall direction of the month so don’t hesitate to take advantage of opportunities for “new” experiences. On the 10th you are coming into the home stretch of inner work so you are ready to test and experience the intensity of being the Master Builder who is centered in your Inner world and making sure everything is “in order” so that the opportunities to “get into the flow” are taken as you respond to “unexpected events.” This is followed by another potentially intense day as the Master Messenger energies guide you to withdraw into a reflective state and check your mental constructs for limitations so listen, watch for and accept the messages designed to bring you to clarity about you. Now you have another day of easy flowing environmental energies to practice your manifestation abilities of you in your life so choose the appropriate amount of balanced action to reap the harvest of this influence. You end this 13 day period with the energies of reaping the rewards of your achievements and preparing for new adventures so share what you’ve learned to deepen the understanding of your relationships and know that your rewards are in direct relationship to what you’ve earned and will be enhanced as long as you maintain harmony and peace within. You then jump to the last day with more experiences to confirm you are tuned into your inner awareness and command of self. The goal for this period and the last day of the month is to experience that deep sense of order within that is based in truth, order, depth of balanced emotion, inspiration and a deep inner knowing that you accept and trust.

FEBRUARY 14 to FEBRUARY 20, 2010 (19/10/1)
Now that you’ve firmed up your internal connection to who you are, you are given the energies of the karmic “Destiny” vibration which is God’s Plan in action and is a fixed force which gives you opportunities for immense service to mankind by simply being who you are. Every experience you have this week will help you to choose the experiences you chose in your plan, to stand on your own two feet, in order to link your life with Universal life. You begin the week with opportunities that show you how clear you have your desires and your imagining of those with justice (balance) so examine what is presented and make sure it’s in alignment with your desires for the greater good. Then you have a day of opportunities to emphasize your Spirit which will require more responsibility and effort; however, promises great rewards if you stay connected to your Higher Guidance for direction and be aware of the insights and revelations offered to you at this time. A day of celebration comes which brings great joy, harmony and peace as you stay balanced and connected in what can be restless energies. Then opportunities abound for you to express the new order of things so you can be a forerunner for better conditions as you bring system and organization to your experiences. A day where you sense of adventure and change is amped up comes to you so don’t hesitate to check out something new. A day to remind you what you’ve just worked through with respect to being centered, connected and aware of what’s beneath the surface of your interactions is presented for you to strengthen that connection and integrate it into your being. You end the week with a day of reflection to check your connection and use that to visualize what you desire so remain flexible, resourceful and adaptable to make any adjustments the move you to the truth and clarity. The goal for this week is to surrender, give in, to your authentic self, integrate that and manifest it in your life.

FEBRUARY 21 to FEBRUARY 27, 2010 (23/5)
Your final week brings forward the energies and goal of the month which intensifies those vibrations. There will be an “itch” for adventure and change from a secure position. That is why the first 13 days were there to help you get centered and balanced within, which is the only place of true security. Remember that all you have to do is think about the feeling of being centered within and you will be “home.” You start the week with a day of easy flowing external energies supported by the Master of Healing energies so that you can heal whatever comes up spontaneously and take the necessary actions to reap the harvest under this influence. Then you have another day of reaping your rewards and preparing for new adventures supported by the Master Builder energies that bring fulfillment and completion on a large scale for big plans; however, this can be intense energies so make sure to stay balanced and not go to extremes. After this you have a day to reassess and crystallize your desires and use your imagination to create ways to bring them into the physical. This is followed by a day of opportunities to emphasize the Spiritual side of you life which will require you to take responsibility for you and no one else; however, doing this promises great rewards. Then it is time to celebrate your accomplishments without getting carried away so when you do you’ll find great harmony and peace and a deeper connection to your Inner Awareness which gives you direction at this time. A say to pay attention to your thoughts is presented to you as news of the new order comes for you to systematize and organize for the greater good and effect worthwhile conditions. You end the week with a feeling of freedom and of not being possessed or held in any way as you live your life based on your own standards and values. The goal for this week is to be the Crusader for Truth by being independent, introspective and okay with being a nonconformist.

By Dr. Rhonda Smith

© 2010 The Awakening Center, Inc.
Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who has been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years. If you want to understand your personal path and who you really are, she can be contacted by email at, by phone at (770) 517-3713 or through the website

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