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Astrological Energies for February 8 to 14, 2010

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Written by Pam Younghans

The spiral seems a fitting image to accompany the energies working with us now. Spirals move our consciousness from this realm to other dimensions, as we follow their movement either inward or outward, upward or downward.

The energy of the spiral came dramatically into our mass consciousness on December 9, through the fascinating display of the spiral image in the skies over Norway. Whatever we may each have decided was the "cause" of that spiral, we can all agree that it was a powerful image, one viewed and therefore shared by great numbers of people on the planet.

Astrologically, this energy of consciousness expansion is reflected in the emphasis on Neptune and Chiron this week and next. Neptune in Aquarius represents the development of a spiritual connection and perspective that takes us far beyond usual human limitations. And Chiron in Aquarius represents the healing of the wounds of separation -- wounds that often keep us tied to the perspective of our egos, as through fear of being hurt again, we restrict our natural ability to love.

Neptune and Chiron will be exactly conjunct (at the same degree of the zodiac) on February 16 -- but already they are traveling very closely together, and will continue virtually as conjoined twins through the end of this month. This is a powerful joining of these two planetary energies, as Neptune helps in the dissolution of the wound and Chiron focuses Neptune's energies more specifically, directing it toward where it is most needed.

The Pluto-Saturn square, although now past exact aspect, still resonates in our fields and continues to keep us a bit off balance. We're not quite sure which reality to align with -- our old familiar world or the whispered hints we've received of a new one -- and so may bounce back and forth between the two.

Perhaps this is part of the purpose of this powerful twosome facing off at this time. Certainly they are helping to dismantle old structures that cannot support who we are becoming. Those structures may appear to be external, as in governmental policies and financial institutions, or more personally-based relationships and job situations -- but they are also reflections of the dismantling of the internal habit patterns and ego structures that must be discarded before we can move forward.

Beyond this obvious purpose of the Pluto-Saturn energies, we can also see a side benefit when it comes to our spiritual growth. Most of us can remember times of struggle or endings in our lives, that resulted in our opening to new spiritual awareness. When we are knocked off balance by events, without any tangible means of regaining our footing, we naturally seek other levels of support and meaning.

And so it is -- as through the sometimes extreme situations we find ourselves in now, we also find opportunities to become more fully the spiritual beings in human clothing we truly are, rather than mere humans trying to gain unattainable perfection so that we can be granted spiritual gifts.

All signs point to the end of this week as being potentially memorable in our process of spiritual re-awakening. By then, Mercury will have moved into mind-expanding Aquarius and Venus will be in compassionate Pisces. This brings the total to eight (out of eleven) planets journeying through the final two signs of the zodiac -- arguably the two signs most dedicated to expanding our consciousness beyond the physical plane.

The New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday evening (Pacific Time) adds to the mystical qualities of the weekend. The Sun and the Moon are closely conjunct (within one degree of) Neptune and Chiron, highlighting their transcendental healing influence mentioned earlier.

At the same time, Venus is close enough to Jupiter to also be called "conjunct" (their exact alignment is on February 16 -- the same day as the Neptune-Chiron conjunction!). This collaboration between Venus and Jupiter brings the planets of love and hope together in the sign of spiritual oneness (Pisces). If there were an "ideal" alignment for a Valentine's Day, this would be it.

Also in effect during the New Moon are two "yods." A yod is a configuration between three planets in which one is the focal point, gathering energy from the other two to stimulate important adjustments in attitude and direction. A yod is also called "the finger of God" aspect, due to its potential for triggering events that seem somehow fated or destined.

In our chart for the New Moon, one of these yods involves Saturn and Mars pointing at the Venus/Jupiter conjunction. This one is perhaps the most interesting of the two in my book, since it emphasizes the spiritual growth components of our weekend.

Here's what astrologer Bil Tierney writes about a yod with Venus as the focal point (text slightly adapted):

"At this destined crossroads, partnership involvement takes on a new meaning, and relationships attracted at this time can assist us in purposefully fulfilling our objectives. Our affectional nature can now be brought into better focus, and we may discover that our personal love life is markedly more satisfying, now that we are better able to share ourselves more deeply and more enjoyably with others. In addition, our constant efforts at inner adjustment and reorganization enable us to establish a fuller capacity for self-love and appreciation of our true worth, resulting in a more lasting degree of contentment and security."

Add to that these words about Jupiter at the focal point, since Venus and Jupiter are aligned during this weekend's New Moon:

"We may find ourselves at a period in life where we are ready to drop a former belief or long-held ideology, and instead adopt another world view that inspires us to become more effectively aligned with the needs of our inner spirit. Jupiter's natural optimism and urge for expansion suggest that we are able to adjust very well to this destined transition, and that we may feel confident and positive about the new course of events we are to deal with. We rarely doubt the rightness of our direction under this influence, acting as if we are operating under some higher guidance and protection. Sometimes this turning point is triggered by opportunities for extensive travel (a pilgrimage of sorts) or advanced education."

By combining these two descriptions, we can anticipate that there may be some turning points in a relationship at this time, as we discard old expectations and beliefs and move into a more positive perspective. The relationship in question may be, as indicated in Tierney's description, either with another person or with ourselves.

And, with Venus and Jupiter both in Pisces, it also brings in the potential for that relationship to be either with our Higher Self/Soul or with the essence of Spirit that is our Source.

The other yod involves Pluto and Venus/Jupiter pointing at Mars. Tierney has this to say about Mars at the focal point:

"We may find ourselves centered upon a new life course requiring us to mobilize our vital forces in an externally demanding manner. We may be compelled to undertake a dynamic, pioneering new start involving courage and daring. At this point, we may become keenly aware that we must independently take full charge of our lives and demonstrate complete self-sufficiency. The tempo of our lives now no longer allows us to waver, vacillate, or be indirect in action. We might need to sever ties from the past or directly break away from former comforting securities. We are learning the correct way to channel our self-will."

Since Mars is still retrograde, it is entirely possible that the new start Tierney writes about will manifest more through our inner journey than in outer projects. But in whatever ways we now "take full charge and demonstrate self-sufficiency" -- and do so successfully -- we will certainly benefit in even more tangible ways once we have reached late March, when Mars is again moving forward and the Sun has entered Aries at the Equinox (on March 20).



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