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Astrological Energies for January 4 to 10, 2010

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
Written by Pam Younghans

We're in an odd place vibrationally. The two weeks between a Lunar Eclipse and its partner Solar Eclipse often feel a bit ungrounded. The air is electrically charged, and we may feel especially sensitive, needing to be more reclusive, and savoring unscheduled hours.
It's as if the Lunar Eclipse puts us a bit off-balance, so that we are more open to the shifts that need to occur. Then, when the Solar Eclipse "seals the deal," we can focus again and begin to walk forward, based on the insights we gained over the previous two weeks.

Our current "in-between" space is complicated even more by the fact that both Mercury and Mars are retrograde (appearing to move backward). This makes our connection with concrete reality even more tenuous. Appropriately, Mercury begins to go forward again on January 15, just a few hours after the Solar Eclipse.

So, how do we use this time, if the planetary energies aren't yet directly supporting the "new" in our calendar New Year?

With Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, we can benefit from revisiting the goals we once set for ourselves, and positions of authority or leadership that we've taken on. Are these ambitions and roles still to our liking? Do they feel aligned with our values and ethical standards?

With all that's happened in the past year, we've actually changed quite a bit. Perhaps now is an appropriate time to rethink our plans and consider course corrections.

Mars in Leo represents our ability to move with confidence in the direction of what we want. Typically, this would be a supportive energy with which to begin a new year. But Mars is also retrograde, and so we may find ourselves doing the "three steps forward, two steps back" tango.

We may also encounter people and situations that push our buttons even more than usual. Tensions, especially ego-driven power struggles, that have been brewing beneath the surface can be unearthed with Mars retrograde. Leo the Lion may roar more loudly than usual, believing that the only way to make things happen is to make more noise than anyone else.
At the end of October, when Mars first went into Leo, we may have felt creatively inspired, and charged full-steam-ahead into a new project. Now, standing midstream, we may be reconsidering those original ideas. Is there as much enjoyment in this project as we had anticipated? Does it continue to inspire us creatively? If not, what might we need to adjust before going to the next phase?

Our Mars retrograde experience will last through March 10, giving us several more weeks to re-choreograph our steps before taking our show on the road. Although not all forward motion is halted during this time, there is less support for external progress, and we can easily get frustrated if we try to push the river.

If at all possible, delay the initiation of major new projects until Mars is moving forward again, and use these intervening weeks to consider alternatives and complete the planning stage. This is not the time to force things that clearly aren't working, but rather to "go back to the drawing board" when obstacles are met, to make adjustments before setting out again.

Then, with the Equinox on March 20 -- when the Sun enters Aries -- we can celebrate the astrological New Year in more typically exuberant style, utilizing the energy of Mars moving forward in Leo to re-energize our creativity and reawaken our passion for the journey.
Retrograde Mercury is in the spotlight at the beginning of this first full week of 2010, as he aligns with the Sun on Monday and with Venus on Tuesday. These alignments may blur our outer vision even further, encouraging us to see shapes instead of concrete forms, and to hone our skills of interpretation.

Life is always our teacher, but even more obviously while Mercury is retrograde. The more we can perceive events symbolically now, the greater the benefit.

One technique for this is to set time aside in the evening to review the day, and to consider all that has occurred -- as well as the emotions that were elicited -- as parts of a dream. What if I had dreamt these events, or this joy, or this anger? What deeper issues would they represent? What would my subconscious be trying to tell me, if these experiences had been part of my dreamtime?

Retrograde Mercury can be the Trickster, too, so remember that humor is often our best ally. Being able to laugh at ourselves is a important skill now.

And, since Mercury aspects continue throughout the coming week, try to take things as lightly as possible. If plans fall short of expectation and communications go a-Rye, perhaps it's time to use Whole Wheat instead. (The crowd moans. Yes, a VERY bad pun...)

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