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Astrological Energies for January 11 to 17, 2010

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Just as I sat down to begin writing this week's Journal, I heard the "ding" that tells me I have a new e-mail. I switched gears, went to my inbox, and found a message from a photographer who had just read my blog entry for July 23, 2009 -- the day after a Solar Eclipse in late degrees of Cancer.

This photographer shared with me the story of his experience on that same night in July 2009, and sent me a copy of a photo he had taken of a spectacular show of the Northern Lights. As he explained it, that night, which he spent in the Northern Cascades, was one he will never forget.

I feel the impact of his story not only for the beauty and mystery of the aurora borealis captured in his photo, but also because his e-mail arrived so synchronistically, just as I was pondering this week's Solar Eclipse -- which will be in late degrees of Capricorn, nearly exactly opposite that July eclipse point.

This is a significant astrological correspondence, since this week's eclipse will work with the same planets in each of our charts as did the July eclipse, although from a different vantage point -- in other words, triggering similar issues, but from a different angle. And to receive this e-mail at the moment I began to write, drawing my attention to the link between that eclipse and the one this week -- well, it's still giving me that "whoa" feeling.

Yes, I'd call that magical.

This experience brings us to the question: What was going on for us in July 2009, at the time of that Solar Eclipse? And how does our experience then relate to the present day?

That July eclipse was in Cancer, signaling an opportunity to address our emotional needs more directly, to make sure our self-care is adequate for the journey ahead. Equally important, we were supported in healing the emotional wounds of the past, so that we might let go of residual angers and resentments, defensiveness and fear of betrayal.

In comparison, this week's eclipse is in the sign of Capricorn, telling us it's time to put our healing to good use. Capricorn insists on practical solutions, and that we patiently but steadily work toward our goals. Having done the necessary emotional healing work over the past six months, we are now more prepared to take important steps forward.

At the time of this week's eclipse, a total of five planets are in Capricorn, emphasizing the importance of setting our sights on the mountaintop. This is a time to aim high -- and, with Venus exactly aligned with both the Sun and the Moon, time to put our efforts toward that which represents our highest values.

More than ever, it is unlikely that we will succeed if we are not in integrity with those values. At the time of the eclipse, stationary Mercury is aligned with Pluto, and both planets are 90 degrees away from Saturn. We will become very aware of what structures and relationships do not meet our high standards now, and will be empowered either to transform or to eliminate those that fall short.

The Sabian symbol for the Solar Eclipse adds another level to our understanding of its influence:
A nature spirit dancing in the iridescent mist of a waterfall: The ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena.

Reading the further interpretation of this symbol sheds a bit more light:
Here we are dealing with the revelation of the spiritual or psychic forces related to the element water. Water symbolizes the constant flow of vital energies, the fluidity of a consciousness which finds itself stimulated by change. Water is the substance of the telluric (earthly) manifestations of this soul. ... The consciousness here becomes sensitized to the downward flow of occult energy in its bountiful natural aspect.

These words resonate with the feeling-sense now permeating our experience -- that other-level knowing of a major shift that has occurred, that we are in the process of adjusting to. (See my blog postings this week for some of the physical symptoms of this adjustment phase, at

The idea that our consciousness is becoming "sensitized to the downward flow of occult energy" corresponds with retrograde Mercury being conjunct Pluto at the time of this week's eclipse. This alignment opens the gateways of our conscious awareness, and reveals what has previously been hidden from view. The fact that Mercury goes direct just hours later indicates we'll be moving ahead quickly once we've adjusted to our new perspective.

Saturn goes retrograde on Wednesday of this week. Having waded into Libra, the planet will now begin a slow backtrack, stepping back into Virgo on April 8 to revisit specific health or organizational concerns. Saturn will re-enter Libra on July 22, to refocus on relationship and legal themes for the next two years.

Saturn's retrograde phase gives us the opportunity to revisit our goals and the methods we use to achieve those goals, especially as related to the themes of the house that Saturn is transiting in our birth charts. While Saturn is retrograde, from January 13 to May 30, 2010, we are more likely to be completing unfinished business in these areas, rather than beginning new projects or taking on new responsibilities.

While it may seem tedious to go over what we once thought was completed, it is important for future stability that we take Saturn's retrograde phase seriously. It is during these months that we will see where there are personality or organizational dysfunctions, and have the opportunity to repair existing foundations before trying to build further upon them.

Jupiter makes a fashion statement this week, as he throws off his Aquarian robes and steps into Pisces next Sunday. Jupiter is the Great Amplifier, making anything he touches larger and more apparent in our experience. Over the past year, he has been traveling side-by-side with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, encouraging the awakening of our consciousness while also amplifying our awareness of the wounds that have hindered that awakening.

Jupiter will journey through Pisces from January 17 to June 5, and then again from September 8 to January 22, 2011 (due to a three-month foray into Aries this summer). While in Pisces, he'll be opening doors to new spiritual and creative endeavors, acting as a guide in our search for life's higher meaning.

These are exciting times, and there's much to look forward to in the weeks and months ahead.



Written by Pam Younghans
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