Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Solstice 2009

The solstice is always a powerful gateway through which energies are sent to Earth by those who, you could say, steer the consciousness of humanity. It is not widely recognised that the unfolding of consciousness on our planet is quite carefully shepherded by those with responsibility for the evolution of consciousness and it is not a random process. It has all been carefully orchestrated, carefully designed. These observations provide a context for everything that has unfolded since 1987, when the energies of preparation for 2012 and beyond began in earnest. Those energies that have come forth even more powerfully over the last two years and especially this year, 2009, anticipating that this gateway will be used for something important.

You are probably aware that this year, 2009 is an “11” year, a year of mastery, 11 being a powerful master number. This solstice event is no exception to that pattern and can be considered the completion of all that has unfolded this year - powerful energies and important events. What an extraordinary year!!

Look at the energies of this solstice is a completion of 2009, seeing it as a seal placed upon all that has unfolded this year and as the beginning point of these three remaining years before 2012. The energies that are coming forth through this solstice are the energies which begin the next phase of earnest preparation that everyone needs to make to be ready for 2012. It is a marker; a completion of the energies for this year and the beginning of three years of preparation leading up to the end of 2012. Beyond this point you will begin seeing people in that necessary preparation. Some of you know that the number three bears a relationship to the powerful shape of the triangle, and so we have triangle of years leading up to 2012.

Over the next three years we will experience massive change on many levels and I know you've all heard this many many times before. The truth of what is unfolding will become very visible to those who have any willingness to observe it from the very beginning of 2010.

Some may wonder why so few people are aware if something this important is really happening? The time is so close. How will people clear their karmic past and ready themselves when most don’t even know about all this?

Shortly, undeniable and indisputable evidence of change will trigger the preparation of humanity because the events simply will not fit inside most people’s belief systems and it will cause them to ask BIG questions.

It will not be long before we step into rejuvenated physical bodies and soon thereafter, we will begin working with assisting others in using the tools that rejuvenate their physical bodies. As that begins to happen, humanity in general will be unable to deny the truth of what is happening and begin listening to messages from a different perspective and understanding the powerful truth being brought forth.

In addition, we will see more evidence of the planet beginning to prepare with more adjustments through earthquakes and volcanic action and such. This activity will become more frequent and it will continue in these three years. Much change will flow upon the planet and I know some of you will work to minimize the effects of that activity. Still, much of it is inevitable.

Some of that inevitability has been caused by the way the planetary lubricant, crude oil, has been taken from the planet. It was never intended that crude oil be used in the way that it has been used. It was intended that the knowledge given to Tesla some 100 years ago come forth so that humanity could progress using energy from the sun. The forces of the dark had their way and his life was terminated early and his technology was buried. Many other attempts to present free energy technologies have been also been buried and the inventors were killed to protect the interests of those who make money from oil and other energy technologies.

There is a price that humanity will now pay for that abuse because the removal of those lubricants means that the planet will adjust less gently as it prepares for its ascension in early 2013. So events will begin to unfold.

There is no need for fear. If you are reading this message, it’s likely that you are already preparing and there really are only three steps you need take:

Acknowledge your Creator,
Clear your karmic past, and
Rejuvenate your physical body

This is very easy now if you choose to walk that path and if you do, then any adjustments that our beautiful planet might make to prepare herself will in no way interfere with you. That is the way things work. If you think by chance that you might be in a place where an event occurs and you could be killed by it, let me assure you things do not work in manner so simple. If you are preparing, you will be protected. Many who choose not to prepare and grow, for whatever reason, their souls will have them be in the place where events occur and they will leave the planet.

Many look at these events from a simplistic perspective. There is a much bigger plan at work. The choices made by each individual’s soul will be expressing the choices made by the egoic self to participate in Ascension or not. Simply take these steps and you will be where you need to be as you prepare for this beautiful unfolding that begins in three short years.

Know how much you and this beautiful planet are loved. The priestess of divine love, of divine caring, of the divine feminine stands before you with arms outstretched to embrace you. And if there is a moment along the way where you feel that you need comfort, call upon your guides and angels and the Ascended Masters. They will hold you in the embrace of the essence of their love.

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