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Astrological Energies for December 14 to 20, 2009

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We begin the week with a nudge from higher consciousness, as the Uranus-Sun square challenges us to move beyond the limiting belief systems that interfere with the further expansion of our awareness. In mundane reality, this influence can result in unusual or unexpected events that compel us to change a planned route.

It can also activate the rebellious side of our natures, as we resist being controlled by rules or the expectations of others. But, with Jupiter and Neptune also forming aspects with the Sun on Monday and Tuesday, some of the rebelliousness may be smoothed a bit, and the opportunity for spiritual awakening will be enhanced.

Wednesday's New Moon is aligned with the Galactic Center in late degrees of Sagittarius, and so also carries the energy of consciousness expansion. It seems appropriate for this New Moon to be cosmically energized, since it begins a lunar cycle that culminates with a Lunar Eclipse on New Year's Eve.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 25 degrees of Sagittarius reveals our comparatively young stage of consciousness as we ponder the mysteries of the universe:

"A chubby boy on a hobby-horse: The anticipatory enjoyment of powers one can only as yet dream of utilizing."

We are neophytes in many ways, still playing at being fully conscious, and yet in our imaginings are able to grasp pieces of what is possible. This New Moon offers the potential for taking another leap forward in our expansion of consciousness, and encourages us to be as creative, innocent and hopeful as a young boy on a wooden horse, who imagines himself astride a great steed.

Also on Wednesday is a Pluto-Neptune septile, a long-term influence that has been working with us since late 2001. This aspect is going in and out of exact alignment for many years, due to the slow-motion dance of the two planets. Neptune and Pluto will form the last exact septile of this phase in February 2011.

A septile is a subtle aspect, and is defining a phase in our development where we are learning to harmonize the principles of spirituality and empowerment. There are times when we have slipped off one side or the other of this balance beam, either falling into the belief that we must force others to conform to our ideal, or taking on the role of martyr or victim with others playing the role of perpetrator.

Such was the case the last time the septile was in effect, from 1937 to 1941 -- and also at the beginning of the current septile phase, in late 2001. It seems that this aspect tends to correspond with ideological struggles. It does, however, also offer transformation through claiming a new definition of power that does not seek pseudo-strength through disempowering another.

Because Neptune and Pluto move so slowly, the effect of this aspect is spread over many weeks, even while we can pinpoint a certain day as being the time it is exact. Perhaps this influence is behind some remaining confusion about how to use power as spiritually aware people -- and also behind any efforts being made to find new balance in this arena.

Venus is the focal point toward week's end, as she interacts with five other planets over the course of four days. There may be some stresses in our relationships as we come to terms with the need for changes in how we've handled things up to now. But with flowing aspects from the Triad (Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter), there are equal if not greater opportunities to find the heart connections that heal.

Mars comes to a standstill Sunday morning, after moving at a progressively slower pace over the past couple of weeks. Now begins Mars' retrograde phase, which will last until March 10, 2010. This means that the energy of initiative is turned inward, and that external progress is likely to be slower than expected.

Over these next three months, we may find more success in conquering inner demons than in scaling mountain peaks in the outer world. In particular, we will be working to overcome our fears of being seen for who we really are, whether or not that is approved of by others.

This Mars retrograde time is also best used for the planning stages of a project rather than the implementation of those plans. But, once Mars is moving forward in the spring, the inner confidence we've gained will be the force that drives our accomplishments for months to come.



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