Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon in Scorpio November 16, 2009

The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings. It brings welcome energy and insights that have the potential to move you forward. Each New Moon plants the seeds for the upcoming 28-day cycle of life. The New Moon in intense Scorpio reinforces the importance of clear intentions. But the Moon's square to buoyant Jupiter and confusing Neptune encourage self-deception, unless you are very vigilant of where facts turn into fancy. Hopefully you're not afraid to express how strongly you feel. The New Moon -- always a powerful time to start something -- has more intensity than usual with the Scorpio placement. Although there's a tendency to hold on with an iron grip, letting go is often the best thing to do during this particular New Moon, which occurs around this time each year. Invest in something you want to become more important in your life.

What is your passion? Is there something you want so badly that you feel like if it doesn't come true you will have missed out on something important? Few Signs are as intense, driven, and powerful as Scorpio; now is your chance to put everything you've got into furthering your goals and dreams. This is a time of new beginnings. But to get what you want, you need to let go of whatever is not working and anything that has outlived its usefulness, whether that is an attitude or a life situation that no longer fits who you are today. Invest now in something you want to grow and become more important in your life. At the Full Moon later next month, you'll have a chance to stand back and take a look at what you've accomplished! This New Moon will most affect those born November 14 to 18, February 11 to 15, May 13 to 17 and August 15 to 19.

A major event currently happening in the heavens is the powerful square between Saturn and Pluto (which was exact on November 15th). Ever since Saturn's entrance into Libra on October 29th, Saturn has been inching toward this square to powerful Pluto. This aspect is a game-changer and it will be around for a while with two more squares: one January 31, 2010 and the next on August 21, 2010. So pace yourself and don't react quickly to anything! Saturn is your "builder." The way you structure your life and build upon the past to create your future - well, that is Saturn's job. Pluto is the planet that gets rid of anything that doesn't work even if it does not seem that way to you at the time. Simply something's got to give. Get ahead of the curve by ditching anything that is not really relevant to your life at this point. This tense Saturn-Pluto square continues to impact your life for several months, forcing you to reconsider your goals in light of limited time and resources, and you can't let sloppy thinking lead you astray.

Also an event happening in the sky right now is in Scorpio and Leo. You might need to straighten out some relationship entanglements as Venus, the love planet, squares Mars, the warrior planet, on November 19th. Venus, the relationship planet moved into the Sign of Scorpio on November 9th. Venus rules how you love, and how you value things in your life. Mars, the planet of action and desire, in bold showy Leo, loves to be the center of attention. Sometimes the person you like is not the person you desire. It's just one of life's messy conundrums! This square can spice things up or cause problems. You'll see which one it is for you by the end of the week.


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