Sunday, November 15, 2009

Astrological Energies for November 16 to 22, 2009

NorthPoint Astrology Journal
by Pam Younghans

Our vibrational level is being taken up a notch -- or two. The Pluto-Saturn square (exact today, November 15) represents a major shift in the way we perceive this reality, with the ultimate intention empowering each of us to claim the higher purpose for which we incarnated in this lifetime.

What has held us back from taking this step earlier? No doubt the answer is many-layered. But in addition to each of our individual histories -- with wounds that needed healing and patterns that needed shifting -- we have all shared in the human perspective that we are "less than." This has been reinforced by most (if not all) religions, by the social hierarchies that surround and inform us on a daily basis, and by personal relationships of many descriptions.

So now, Pluto has entered Capricorn, to lay low the structures that represent and reinforce the "less than" model. And, to manifest tangible events that will energize the demolition process, we have Saturn in Libra, wielding the Scales of Justice and Equality as if they were sledgehammers.

It's quite a powerful experience to be giving these Pluto-Saturn cycle readings at this time. They allow me to be witness to a multitude of personal experiences related to this Pluto-Saturn cycle.

To those with whom I have spoken already, and to those whose readings are yet to occur: I am honored by your willingness to share your experiences with me, and humbled by the courage you have shown in navigating the pressures involved in the combination of Pluto/Saturn transits. These transits are empowering moments, to be sure, but sometimes the steps along the way to empowerment can feel slow and challenging as we're in the midst of the climb.

It is, however, in retrospect that we gain better appreciation for our own strength at the time, as well as the growth that has resulted from all that we experienced.

A New Moon begins our week, establishing the energy of the Pluto-Saturn square as part of the new lunar cycle. This Scorpio New Moon encourages us to look beyond the facade to see what is real, to ascertain what truth lies at the heart of what is being shown outwardly. It also asks us to consider the motivations and biases of those who are presenting the truth of their personal perspective.

For the most part, "truth" is a perception. My experience is my truth, just as your experience is your truth. And yet, even if we are together in the same room, how we perceive reality, and therefore the "truth" of any situation, is completely personalized. I may see the front of the elephant, while you see the side. Our realities, and our descriptions of the animal in the room, are different -- even though, objectively, we would say we are sharing the same experience.

The Sabian symbol for 25 degrees Scorpio, the location of Monday's New Moon, shows that this lunar cycle supports the expansion of our abilities to perceive in new ways -- and not only within this dimension, but in other levels of reality. The symbol reads:

"An X-ray photograph: The capacity to acquire a knowledge of the structural factors in all existence."

The interpretation of this symbolic image reads in part:

"The true philosopher is able to grasp and significantly evaluate what underlies all manifestations of life. His mind's eye penetrates through the superficialities of existence ... Thus, if the structure is weak, deformed by persistent strain, or unbalanced, the basic causes of outer disturbances and dis-ease can be discovered ... Beyond the powerful feeling quality of 'peak experiences,' the mind can understand the great Principles of which they were the manifestations." (from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar)

With this New Moon, we are called to "penetrate through the superficialities of existence," to expand our perceptual abilities and to deepen our understanding of how this life experience is structured. Our enhanced vision may take a while to get used to, and at times we may find that part of us longs for the uncomplicated ease of ignorance. And yet, in our hearts, we know that while ignorance may appear to be "bliss," the resulting disempowerment interferes with our progress and erodes the fulfillment of our potential.

Several other planets interact with the Sun and Moon at the time of the lunation, imprinting their energies on this lunar cycle. The three planets in our Aquarian Triad (Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter) are 90 degrees away, forming a square aspect to the New Moon that challenges us not to buy into the drama and intensity that is bound to manifest now.

These planets in Aquarius remind us to look further than the truth we uncover. "The truth may set us free," but by attaching to one level of truth, we may be inhibiting our ability to expand our awareness beyond the confines of the human perspective.

The belief that there is one truth is the great divider of humanity, and of individuals within personal relationships as well. The Triad will be trying to remedy that perception of "one truth" by dissolving the ego's attachment to outcomes, healing the wound of separation, and expanding our awareness to include much larger meanings and perspectives.

Uranus also aspects the New Moon, but provides a supportive influence rather than a challenging one. Uranus in Pisces is in charge of raising the collective consciousness to include other dimensions and realities, and is supporting each of us in establishing our own personal link to the higher realms and with the beings who are assisting us from those realms.

This lunar cycle may prove to be an especially fruitful time for advancing our individual awareness, as well as for raising the mass consciousness. As a part of the process, we will be calling on Scorpio's positive traits: the ability to let go of what has outlived its usefulness and is ready to be released, the knowing that death is always followed by rebirth, and the courage and persistence to dedicate our efforts completely to the process of transformation that is underway.

Venus is in the hotseat toward the end of the week, first squaring Mars on Thursday and then perched exactly at the midpoint between Pluto and Saturn on Saturday. This is when we may see the effects of the Pluto-Saturn square on a more personal level, perhaps in our relationships and in personal or shared resources.

This is the time to "get real" about the changes that need to be made in these areas of our lives. Pluto and Saturn are serious about their work, and dedicated to renovating systems and structures that are not built on solid foundations, or that have outlived their value. We will do best if we get on board with their plan of action, and be willing to make the changes needed. Whatever the short-term challenges, the long-term results will ultimately improve our lives and solidify our sense of purpose.

Final notes: Mars will be at 14 degrees of Leo on Tuesday of this week, activating the energies of the Lunar Eclipse that occurred on August 5. It may be worthwhile to think back to the beginning of August, to compare where we are now with our circumstances then, and to ponder the actions we might want to take now based on the awarenesses we gained then.

But then, of course, if you're like me, it will be difficult to remember last August, since it's getting hard to remember what happened yesterday! If you write in a journal, or keep a dream diary, you are no doubt more able to take advantage of this time-link than most.

Many blessings,


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