Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Transforming the Energies You Encounter

There will be times when you encounter what feels like low-vibrational energies. These generally center around negative emotions, though they may also take the form of actions that harm other living things, or behaviors purely derived from ego-based intentions.

Many of you have developed an instinctive avoidance when confronted with what you perceive as "toxic" and low-vibrational energies. There are times in your growth and development when avoidance is the best option you can choose. For instance, it may be better to steer in the other direction than allow your energy to be in enveloped in needless confrontation.

There will, however, come a time when you will find it beneficial and necessary to be able to walk through the world, moving through a variety of energetic patterns without allowing your self to become pulled into patterns you do not choose. This is the path to spiritual freedom, to exist in the world without becoming enslaved by it. Spiritual freedom allows you to remain centered in love and peace no matter what is happening around you. Only those who are free in their hearts can shine a bright enough light on the path ahead to guide those in bondage to freedom. We will offer here some ways in which you are able to move through any situation and maintain a high-vibrational perspective.

Becoming Transparent to Energy

Many lightworkers have chosen to withdraw from energies they feel are negative and detracting from their own energy. Sadly, this results in a life of isolation for those who find it difficult coping with the diverse energies they encounter in the world.

Just as you have come to accept and love the many aspects of your self, you can choose to come into a place of acceptance and appreciation of all the energies, thoughts and feelings swirling around you. This acceptance and appreciation will help you become transparent to these energies, which will allow you to stay calm and centered in your own energy while experiencing the energies of those around you. Becoming transparent may take time and practice for some, but it is well worth making the effort to learn transparency.

Remember, you have chosen to incarnate on the Earth with its many diverse energies. The ultimate goal of any incarnate being is to anchor heaven on earth, therefore becoming their higher self in all situations and encounters.

Becoming transparent requires that you refrain from judging the aspects of a person's behavior with which you don't resonate. In every moment, you can choose to find "harmonizing points" with a person's behavior and essence. Harmonizing points are those traits and behaviors you share in common.

If someone is angry or threatening you, you can see through their behavior to the small child self at the root of such actions. Refrain from jumping into the sand box with this child and acting out an angry exchange. You can choose to merge with your higher self and radiate peace and love, allowing any angry energies to flow right through you. In this way, you pass through life without bringing negative energy into your reality.

Transforming Negative Energies

Once you have learned to become transparent to energies, you may choose to take a further step of transforming negative energies. It is easier to transform energies when you understand the inner workings of energetic patterns. When you encounter a pattern you recognize or experience as "negative," "angry," or "toxic," you can allow yourself to be pulled into it by judging it, fearing it, or aligning with it. Most people have some degree of anger, for example, even if it is forgotten anger from the past that is difficult to access in the present. When one encounters the energetic pattern of anger, any unresolved anger that is within them may be triggered and brought to the surface. They suddenly find themselves feeling angry without knowing why.

This is a gift because it offers an opportunity to bring this emotion into reach of conscious awareness. The key is to recognize that this is happening "within the moment," and bring your own anger into a place of love and acceptance. In loving the emotion, you love the situations from your past that created in you the emotion of anger, understanding these situations were created to help you grow. By holding your anger in a high-vibrational place of love and acceptance, you are able to see how every situation in your life has helped you to grow and evolve spiritually.

From this place of gratitude, you heal the energies within yourself that drew to you the original events where you experienced anger. These events are often difficult to access because they initially occur in childhood or other times in your life when you were vulnerable to the events and actions around you. You do not have to remember each circumstance where you experienced the emotion of anger in order to heal and release it. It is, however, necessary to be able to connect with the emotion in order to heal it.

Each time you encounter low-vibrational energetic patterns, you can choose to gain awareness of any resonant energies within your self and use this as a tool for healing. As you heal these energies within your self, you create energetic pathways for others to also heal and release these energies. In this way, you are able to move through any situation, finding within it kernels of love and gratitude.

Every Person is Creating the Experiences they Need

It is important to release judgment of those who are presently caught up in negative emotions or behaviors. Each person incarnated on the Earth is creating the experiences they need to learn and grow at this moment. Throughout your own arc of lifetimes, you have created experiences at every point along the spectrum of life experience so you could learn and grow.

Many older souls are now experiencing mastery lifetimes where they have moved through and completed a wide variety of Earth school experiences. The final phase of this learning is to stand in a high place and look out over all that you have been, all that you have experienced, and all that you have witnessed with non-judgment and understanding. As you weave together the vast tapestry of your own becoming, you help reinforce the bridge connecting heaven and earth. Others will travel over this bridge and in time it will become a superhighway of oneness and connection.

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