Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ridding Yourself of Limiting Beliefs

Ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs can be an arduous task, especially after reading books like The Secret where the actual secret is not really revealed. Many of us have been wanting and desiring the manifestation of our dreams into reality only to find more of that which we wish to be free from.

Our future, however that unfolds, is created in the present moment. Your course of life is determined in terms of direction and you can change that by changing your emotional thought and feeling patterns.

You hold within your hands three keys to your freedom:
The awareness that you always have choices
The ability to energize choices
The constant potential of achieving a new and higher vibration.

You are the choice maker.

No one else can make your choices for you no matter how difficult your situation may be. By opening your heart to love, you can always make a higher choice within yourself that leads to peace and although you may not be able to affect the external events in your life in every moment, you can change your internal orientation, which will give you the new perspectives that generate exciting choices for mastering your destiny.

We hold within us all vibrations from the lowest of the low to the highest and most exalted. The power is in your hands and there are three higher aspects to of higher consciousness to learn.

First, you must retain the awareness that choice is possible in every circumstance. The keys to changing your future external reality come from the choices that you make within yourself. No matter how desperate the situation, you can change your internal orientation and plant the seeds of a new pattern.

Secondly, actually make the choice. We sometimes have difficulty with this, getting lost in negativity, blaming ourselves or others or the past for what is happening rather than making the choice to get out of it. This is the Law of Entropy which expresses through our personal energy as lethargy or the reluctance to move. If you are not willing to move, then you are not in the stream of life which is always moving and forever changing. Once you have the awareness of choice, then you actually have to make the choice of how you will evaluate any experience that you are having.

The juiciest choice will be the highest expression of choice which comes through the expression of compassion. Holding yourself and the other person or situation in an attitude of acceptance, no matter what may be going on in your thoughts and feelings, sets off a resonance in consciousness, a vibrational field that may touch others and change them and it will certainly change you.

As you hold that compassion and acceptance, eventually the emotional energies will begin to even out and awareness and the clarity of your ability to make positive choices will emerge and then you will have entered another vibratory resonance that can be called "ascended attitude." This is the third key. This third key of acceptance and forgiveness of yourself and others carries a truly high vibration allowing different choices and outcomes than you can achieve in lower vibrations.

Because the laws of the Universe are impersonal and exact, the choices you make moment by moment are the template of your future, and the seeds that you plant in ascended states of awareness and feeling such as compassion and acceptance will support your life and advancing consciousness.

Art: Choice by Janosh

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