Friday, September 4, 2009

Full Moon In Pisces

The full moon in Pisces gives us an opportunity to reflect on those areas of our lives that need the most healing.

Use this full moon to re evaluate your life. What is working? What is not working? Where can you reorganize? Where can you forge a new direction.

Tonight take a few minutes to sit under the full moon and revisit your past. Identify any unhealthy patterns or behaviours and make a commitment to realign your life in order to allow yourself an opportunity for a fresh start.

The full moon certainly is responsible for heightening ones emotional state and Pisces is super sensitive so be aware that tonight can be quite intense if you are re-evaluating your life in general. Your heightened awareness this evening may help you become more conscious of those aspects of your life that need transformation.

Accepting yourself as part of the bigger universe also allows you to understand that as you heal, as you realign your life to become healthy and whole, the ripples of healing move all around you and are felt by all.

Sit quietly, recognize what you need to do or the path you need to take next and allow yourself to quietly move forward.


Julie said...

Very nice. Very strong Moon I might add. J :-)

jennifer boose said...

This is an exceptional moon for contemplating White Tara.Lots of activations to do within her energies.

Anonymous said...

Is it normal to feel some lethargy and even some tension leading up to this day? I am a Pisces born on Feb 29th and felt very uneasy as well as fatigued for the last 5 days or so.

jennifer boose said...
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jennifer boose said...

It's common to feel the energies leading up to and just after the full moon. Think of it as wading into the center and then out of a pond. Some feel disorientation and/or tension. This is a wonderful full moon for directing intention for anything new you want to create in your life. And since you are Pisces born, you will be feeling this the most of all the astrological signs. Be good to yourself, breathe and drink lots of pure spring water.

Julie said...

Glad to know that we Pisces are feeling this in greater intensity. Last night I was feeling SO out of sorts then remembered it was the full Moon. Lots of heart palpitations and tingling. As soon as I realized it I sighed and felt extreme relaxation. Just went with the flow. J :-)