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Practice Self-Responsibility in All Things

The rapidly unfolding energies on the Earth plane are asking those who seek to heal and transform the world to step into a New Time. During this New Time, many on Earth will awaken and join your efforts to anchor heaven to Earth. Bringing your focus to this effort is important. You are being asked to come into a greater place of discernment in how you spend your time. You are being asked to become conscious creators. As creator of your reality, you step into a place of total self-responsibility.

The First Point of Light is Self-Responsibility

The first point of light we will describe for you is a prerequisite for all the rest; that is, self-responsibility.

 The foundation of all efforts to transform your world is self-responsibility. This is the most fundamental step in spiritual growth and awakening. While great steps have been taken in your present time frame, limiting misunderstandings still linger among sincere seekers. One main thread of limitation is the baggage of old ways and ideas. Encoded within these old ideas are limiting thought forms of lack, wishful thinking, and neediness. These thought forms run contrary to the idea of an unlimited, infinite self.

Even in the "New Age community," many still operate in a soup of codependence and misunderstanding about their role as creator of their own existence. There is still the lingering misconception that "others" call the shots. In these times to come there is no place for the illusion of victimhood. Each person must accept and own responsibility for their own reality - no exceptions.

Whatever change arrives in your world will be of your own doing. If you do not take the responsibility to create the changes you seek, they will not happen. Within the "new age movement" it is possible to believe that retreats, workshops, techniques, books and teachers will "fix," one's life. It is important to understand that none of these will be of any use without you. You are the one who takes the tools you receive and uses them on your own behalf. Techniques and workshops are resources you can utilize to transform your reality but left unused, they are little, if any, benefit. This is like leaning your shovel against the porch all the while longing for the holes to get dug in which to plant your spring flowers. The shovel cannot work by itself. You must be the one to use the shovel to dig the hole.

Intimate relationships are also affected by one's willingness to accept responsibility for their own reality.

Many seek a "soulmate" in the hope that their life will become more peaceful and loving. The truth is that the arrival of a soulmate will bring exactly the same amount of love you have always had - with the exception that the soulmate will reflect to you (painfully in some cases) all the ways in which you love, and the ways in which you don't love. It is impossible for another to give you what you don't have within yourself. Another can only reflect what you already have within your self.

 As you head deeper into transition times, you will find some people calling upon you to save them from themselves. We will explain here why this is not possible and not in harmony with the higher good of all.

The `Outer Savior' Thought form

We will bring your attention to a thoughtform that permeates your world and serves as gatekeeper to higher consciousness. That is, the belief in an "outer savior". This thought form inserted into human consciousness effectively "dumbs down" humanity. While some may perceive this insert as a form of "conspiracy," this is ultimately not the case. It is intended as part of the scheme for Earth school curriculum that "veils" or "inserts" hold consciousness within a certain pattern until it chooses to step outside them.

 You may look around you and see many variations of the outer savior thought form. It may seem at first glance that this thought form mostly applies to the category of religion. It is illusory to think that human existence can be compartmentalized. The religious belief in an outer savior translates itself into beliefs about relationships (others must save and rescue me from myself), beliefs about livelihood (something or someone must give me a break), health (doctors and others must heal me), stewardship of the Earth and all its creatures (someone must do something), spiritual connection (ministers and other "middleman" must define and facilitate my connection with spirit). The outer savior thought form, in fact, permeates every facet of a person's existence in much the same way that a virus infects a computer. When a person awakens and "sees through" the outer savior thought form, they by definition take the next step toward complete self-responsibility. That is, they understand, accept, embrace and practice the belief that they themselves (and no other), create every single aspect of their reality. Once a person comes into this place of total self-responsibility, they are empowered to begin creating
what they truly desire.

Discernment and Self-Responsibility

Understand, a person who has not yet come into complete self-responsibility will not be able to advance far beyond a basic level of consciousness. Self-responsibility is the key that turns the lock in the door that leads to high-vibrational consciousness. 

If a person is demanding you "do it for them," or "fix" their reality, this is an indicator they have not come into a place of self-responsibility. As long as they choose to hold onto the outer savior belief, there is no person, organization, technique, method, or idea that can transform their life. Self-responsibility is the gatekeeper that bars those who hold the outer savior thought form from entering into higher consciousness.

This gate was set up by design to assist human consciousness in its journey of becoming. You as lightworkers are called upon to examine your own lives in terms of the outer savior thought form and gain awareness of how it works around you. You are asked to question if you are in any way still invested in the outer savior belief. Examine if there are ways in which you still hold blame toward others or hold others responsible for any aspect of your existence.

Once you have resolved this question within yourself, you are ready to make self-responsibility the foundation of all your teachings and sharing with others. When you build your life on the foundation of self-responsibility, you open the door for many to come into their true power as the masterful creator of their own reality.

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