Sunday, May 24, 2009


"Willingness" is different from acceptance and allowing. It is not as passive or receptive. By being willing, we are telling the Universe that we are very ready. It is much more purposeful and intentional. We are much more in charge.

I had a friend a few years ago, who at age 65, was really going through her ascension paces. It's a wonder she didn't pass away with all the health situations she was experiencing. She explained to me that she believed that by being willing, she created a summoning for a more rapid process of spiritual growth. She believed that she had summoned this process willingly, as she was very dedicated to her spiritual growth.

While accepting and allowing the ascension process to occur, creates a much more relaxed physical vessel for all the New and higher vibrating energies to come through, willingness can actually begin the process, or be the precursor for the next stage to arrive for us. By being willing to experience a New energy or way of being, these occurrences, then, will arrive much more frequently. It is almost as if we are agreeing to be a guinea pig for the higher ways, in order to pave the way for others to follow. Willingness says, "I am ready to move forward with complete certainly." Willingness says, "Let's roll." Willingness lets us decide when we are ready for the next step. Loss is more of a situation that seems out of our seem most of the ascension symptoms and experiences. The ascension process seems to have a mind of its own ...never mind what we want or believe! Even though this is not the case, being willing can help us to feel more at the helm.

When we are willing, we place ourselves into a space where we are basically saying that we remember. We remember why we are here during this particular time on Earth. We remember that we agreed to participate in this amazing and one-of-a-kind experience of raising our vibrations and the vibrations of the planet through physical form. We remember that we agreed that we would start over, with a very New beginning, and in order to do that we agreed to transmute any darker and lower vibrating energies. By being willing, we are stepping more fully into the shoes of our soul plan. We are more in alignment with it. We are then working together with our souls as a team. We are not acting like victims who are having a non-voluntary experience. We volunteered...remember?

By being willing, we can take over our ascension process, instead of letting it take over us. If you have chosen this page, you are being reminded that you are actually at the helm, even though you may not feel this is the case. Willingness will bring on more of an intentional ascension experience. It tells the Universe that we are ready for the next step, even though we do not know what it will be. It tells the Universe that we trust in the process that is unfolding before us. It is more than getting out of the way and allowing Source to do what it needs to do. It puts us in a better partnership as co-creators with Source and reminds us that our souls know exactly what they are doing."

from Karen Bishop, The Ascension Companion