Monday, May 25, 2009

How does your life appear today?

For many, life is challenging today. Around the world, people are in panic, looking for 'recovery' and 'investment packages', attempting to return their economic situations to the way they were a year ago.

Will returning to the way it was really help humanity and our planet?

Over the last fifty years, people of the planet and the United States in particular, have been using up natural resources at an astronomical rate!

If you are reading this blog, you're probably already very aware of the damage that over consumption has done to our planet, and you might want to introduce this little video to your consumptive friends:

Being forced into a new perception is not a bad thing. It's time to give up the idea of redundant /disposable living and seeing resources as endless with no need to be conservative or respectful of what you are using. Become more aware and conscious of what you are purchasing and using and the necessity of it. Are you buying something to soothe pain? (Another topic to explore).

This is a frequency of being that's permeated our world. We live in a world dedicated to obsolescence in order to stimulate industry and we cannot keep doing this anymore!

Economic crisis reflects the condition of our planet. Humanity will not change unless it has a global situation to alter perspective as we glide into The Shift. If there is no money, what form of energy exchange can we use? Will bartering be the new way? There is so much fear around this subject and I'm sure there are many possibilities yet to explore.

Every conscious person on earth has to be diligent because we have all been lulled into the idea of comfort and convenience being our primary agenda when life is so much more. Life must be full of other things like passion, creativity, adventure, evolution - the essence of a healthy life.

Perhaps this is why people are so depressed?

They are comfortable and isolated... Unsupported in their creativity or in expressing their passionate soul.