Saturday, May 2, 2009

Numerology for May 2009


May (25/7) is a month for introspection as you go within and seek the truth of you and your vision. You don't have to retreat into a cave; however, spend time "thinking about it" before you take action. These energies will give you the opportunity to see "beyond the veil" to what is "hidden" whether that is within you (we are good at fooling ourselves) or within others. As you do this self-examination, don't forget to pat yourself on the back for how far you have come and focus on your mental energies in conjunction with your intuition to blend all of this into a positive force. You are completing your preparation to begin manifesting all parts of you and your vision in July.

MAY 1 to MAY 2, 2009 (53/8)

This is going to be a period of challenging situations which may be intense. It is possible that something or someone may come into or go out of your life. It's important to stay balanced so that you can accept your responsibility so you'll need strength and courage to do this. You'll be given an opportunity to deal wisely with whatever you encounter. Your goal is to truly understand freedom and the responsibility that goes with it and manifest that into your life.

MAY 3 to MAY 9, 2009 (19/10/1)

This entire week is a destiny force and God's Plan in action so it's fixed forces that cannot be changed. This week you MUST rise to any challenges that present themselves to take the opportunities for immense service to humanity through your natural gifts. The key word is reconstruction, building for the new. Your goal for this week is to meet every opportunity that presents itself to you and respond to it in a positive way in line with what you envision for all of mankind.

MAY 10 to MAY 16, 2009 (23/5)

This will be a week of adventure and change. You will be shown any issues you may still have with respect to attachments. Add variety and change in your life this week, even if it's just changing some pattern you have like the way you brush your teeth. The goal for this week is to walk through the changes in a balanced way as you creatively express who you are and remain centered through the changes enjoying the adventure.

MAY 17 to MAY 23, 2009 (27/9)

Now you have a week of sharing to build your relationships. This is not a solitary time. Your relationships will bloom through understanding as you interact. This is the time to maintain harmony and peace so that you can uplift yourself and others on all levels. Your goal for this week is to combine and balance the process of bringing Spirit into the physical and complete anything that is necessary to do that.

MAY 24 to MAY 30, 2009 ([22])

This may be an intense week, because the power and energy of the Master 22. The Master Builder on the Material Plane, is going to be underneath everything that occurs. Everything you encounter will cause you to think in broad terms for the benefit of all humanity. You must avoid going to extremes, although there will be a need for hard work. If you sense any restrictions, examine them so that you can build a firm foundation for the future. Your goal for this week is to be the Master Builder on the Material Plane in all that you do.

MAY 31.2009 (29/11)

You end this month of balancing the mystical and the mundane with the energies of the master and experiences to emphasize spiritual areas. This process will require you to accept responsibility, and it also will require more effort; however, it promises great rewards. Stay linked to your Higher Guidance for direction and be sensitive to the energies, insights and revelations offered to you at this time as you move into the end of the first half of the year, the preparation for manifestation. Your goal is to remain receptive and remember the spiritual messages that have been brought to you to bring balance into your affairs.

by Rhonda Smith, D.Div, Ph.D. Meta, J.D.

Dr. Smith is a numerologist and metaphysician who have been practicing metaphysical healing and counseling for more than 30 years.