Sunday, September 14, 2008

Unconditional Love

We stand at the gateway of an unprecedented turning point in human consciousness, a social and spiritual transformation. This is the greatest transformation in the history of Humanity, shifting to a new reality of heart-centered consciousness as people become spiritually self-empowered. In the old reality, people followed rules of moral behavior in order to stay on a path avoiding temptation and its undesirable side-effects.

In the new consciousness, heart-empowered people don't engage in actions that harm themselves or others because they unconditionally love all people, and would do no harm to anyone. This consciousness is one of responsible freedom where people are self-empowered and fully considerate of the effects of all of their actions.

Through heart-centered consciousness flows unconditional love. Once the flow begins, nothing in 3D reality affects it. It is not affected by likes and dislikes, or by emotions of any kind. It flows regardless of circumstances. It is an expression of the love of God, which exists in every part of the universe and flows through each one of us when we allow it.

Unconditional love flows through your heart when you reach beyond regular, hour-to-hour consciousness, opening your heart and allowing the flow to come through. Unconditional love is a state of allowance, rather than something you try to do, flowing when you allow it to enter your heart and raise your consciousness above the cares of daily reality into an expanded vista of awareness.

Each time you allow unconditional love to flow, you upgrade the entire human experience, and that of the Planet.