Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Super Hurricanes

There are important frequency upshifts now on our planet - the super hurricanes. Needless to say, they are misunderstood and greatly feared. Hurricanes are intended to charge the oceans with the beneficial energies that they desperately need. Their purpose is to increase the energy in the oceans, allowing them to electrically expand. When these storms remain at sea, that electrical energy is conducted as current waves around the planet through the oceans that blend with the electromagnetic currents across land and humanity benefits from the frequency ascension of Earth.

The reaction of people who see themselves in the projected path of the hurricane is to pray in fear, which, if we apply the theory of The Law of Attraction, would amplify and draw hurricanes to landfall. The group consciousness of fearful excitement attracts the storm onto land. The reaction of fear magnetizes the event. Fear attracts that which is feared.

The anticipation of the hurricane becomes a media event and people living along the coast glue themselves to their televisions. Actually, it's safe to say that people in the entire region do this, for their weather will be affected as well. The meteorologist draws models and predicts the location of landfall and the targeted area becomes magnetized. That mass consciousness energy of human emotional interference can become so enormous that it can effect the storm's natural course.

The use of technology to give advance warning to people of coming storms is quite useful and benevolent. It is the dramatic aggrandizement by the media that refashions the event into an opportunity for sensationalism to capture viewers' attention which accelerates fear and drama.

Human emotion itself does not create the event, rather, mass fear can and will magnetize and attract the energy of the hurricane. If this massive human emotional energy was not fear based, it could have the effect of keeping the hurricane at sea or to come ashore with much less energy. So, if prayers attuned to the greatest good and harmlessness without panic and fear, we would experience the effect of a positive influence on a natural event. This kind of prayer could dissipate it rather than amplify it.