Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting Grounded

Over the past two and half years, after spinning my fields, I've been practicing connecting to and drawing up earth energy. This has been a very strengthening way to support myself and develop confidence. I do this by bringing my attention to the soles of my feet and imagining that they are firmly planted on the ground with roots spreading out deeply and vigorously into the earth. With Breath, I imagine myself pulling up sustaining and energizing energy from the earth just like an ancient tree, up through those roots into my feet, legs, and then into my abdominal core. This support helps me focus positively on what I want to achieve and being rooted in the earth gives me solidity from which to direct my energy. Having a strong connection to the security of The Mother enables me to speak with power and clarity. The yin nature of the earth’s energy provides me with a foundation where I feel supported and grounded when I would typically feel knocked of course.