Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arkansas: Emerging Crystal Portal

There are many locations within the United States that were colonies of Atlantis. These include upstate New York; western North Carolina; Georgia, Ohio, Florida and Arkansas. Many areas through out the eastern and central states were mined. The language spoken by some of the red Tribes, especially that of the Iroquois is very close to the tongue of the Atlanteans. The area of Arkansas contains those remnants best preserved. Some of this has been found, but not recognized. The greater evidence is underground. Some of the greatest Atlanteans Crystals are stored in Arkansas. The potency of these crystals have created a hyper dimensional field that is capable of shaking the grounds and bending the space- time continuum far more powerfully than those beneath the Sargasso Sea in the area of Bimini. It is the magnetics of this location, in fact that has held these crystal energies in balance. That is why our team of Crystal Physicians selected this area for their storage, and seeding. You have no idea of the energy these are capable of generating. You see it is the use of magnetic energies along with etheric light, light above the visible spectrum, light you refer to as infrared & gamma that is used to both subdue and amplify crystals. An etheric gateway has existed over this area for the past 20,000 years, and a gateway of high frequency light is able to be focused into this area. A vast network of hyper dimensional tunnels networks the areas below central and NW Arkansas. Some of these are still in use. The ability to detect these hyper dimensional tunnels will not be within your scientific capabilities for several more years. The metal you call gold is present at deeper levels within the beds of quartz crystals below Arkansas. Your geologists are well aware that gold often occurs in crystallized quartz. The Great Atlantean Crystals placed below the lands of Arkansas are actually an alloy conglomerate of quartz and gold. These were manifested through Arcturian technology. The frequency of crystalline gold is capable of combining with specific types of high frequency quartz to enable the ‘bending & molding’ of dimensional fields. Dimensional access tunnels were often created in this methodology by the Atlanteans to create wormholes or dimensional tunnels within the Earths mantle that could be accessed at a higher frequency. Many of these hyper dimensional tunnels were laid into place along the flows of existing leylines of natural telluric currents that flow on the Earth. Tectonic shifts have damaged many, but not all of these. Some of these were simply deactivated. There are higher dimensional beings, from Sirius B, as part of the Ashtar Command legion that have been given the task of repairing & activating many of these over the past two decades. Some of you such as the channel, work with them.”

“Ley lines and great crystals were de-energized at periods when the people of Earth went into the periods of consciousness decline, in the sad wake of Atlantis. This was done without damage to the crystals. The reactivation process of portals, crystals and hyper dimensional matrixes have been taking place since 1987, and will continue over the next few years. This is the awakening that have drawn many of you to such places.”

Dear Ones, the science you call sacred geometry is key to this awakening. Sacred geometry is the very fabric of the Cosmos. That is why the Crystalline aspect is essential in the planetary ascension. Your very atomic structures are composed of perfectly aligned geometries, crystalline geometries , knitted into place with the thread of electro-magnetics. Electricity and magnetics are components of light. Your spectrum of visible light is but a candle in comparison to the magnificent geometric light of the higher spectrum. The crystalline aspect of Arkansas, is not limited to the quartz. The energy of Arkansas is on higher dimension that of a multidimensional octahedron That has formed itself to the level of the 9th dimensional field. The energy is transformed from the hexagonal of quartz to the octahedron of gold quartz and diamond. Diamonds project an octahedron geometry, and thus the volcanic pipes in Arkansas that bears the energy of diamond, transform the cube to the octahedron. The hexahedron is enclosed in the octahedron.

The quartz Crystals of Arkansas are embedded with the energy and wisdom of what is referred to as the Atlantean Law of One. The Master Crystals placed there have frequentially transferred this vibration to the quartz indigenous to the area, and as we have explained, the Masters Crystals contained a higher dimensional alloy of gold conglomerate that has been received energetically by some of the natural occurring beds. The crystals from the McEarl mine carry this unique harmonic. These are especially potent. All crystals are alive, in a real sense, and have an ordered consciousness, and a self-awareness, but each carries unique and specific blueprint patterns. This pattern is greatly varied according to the geology and astrological energies of the vector. Therefore seemingly identical gems and crystals can be quite different in their energetic projections according to the location they are mined.”