Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Healing Shadow Energy!

Many of us have become uncomfortably aware this past month of the existence of shadow energy as it continues to escalate in intensity around the planet. As long as we exist within a human body we can feel ripples of the collective karma continue to move through our psyches, our nervous systems and our biology. We have reached a pinnacle point in human history to assist change by transforming our own personal consciousness into Light.

So how do we begin to heal human karma and reverse the damage done to ourselves and to the planet? It starts with each and every one of us owning our own personal karma and choosing to confront the depths of our shadow-self for healing and integration. The capacity of the human ego's resistance to self-reflection, analysis and forgiveness is astonishing, but very real! We would rather distract ourselves on just about anything before we will admit we even have a shadow-self!

But the truth is that we all travel the same journey towards becoming a Divine Human; the spiritual embodiment of the Soul. And that journey entails the gradual healing, clearing and releasing of all darkness from our bodies, our auric fields and our consciousness. As long as we exist in a human reality we contain within ourselves a mixture of Light and Dark; we are the living embodiment of duality!

Ok, so it is understood we all have karma! Plus, we have a shadow side too, so now what? First we need to observe and accept life's lessons as we reflect and analyze our personal patterns and behaviors. The gift of karma is the wisdom it imparts as we allow ourselves to receive the soothing balm of forgiveness and compassion. Wisdom erases all karma! Every aspect of human life has meaning and purpose---we only have to open our eyes to see it. So as you dig deep into your shadow, look at all the nuances and insecurities you are sensing, feeling and reacting to. You have tapped into the emotionally charged area that is ready for healing and forgiveness!

Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to the increased raising of our energetic vibration. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck shadow energy we begin to feel lighter and lighter. We feel lighter thoughts, lighter emotions and also lighter bodies! As we convert our low-vibrational shadow into Light, we enhance our physical health and well-being. Each time we merge more of our hidden consciousness into the Light, we are piecing back together our whole self! We begin to feel less dis-connected and empty inside and more Soul presence and wholeness in our daily, human lives.

It is important to understand that we are not our minds---the lower egoic mind is our 3-D self and exists in duality. Our lower egoic mind is the less developed, immature aspect of our personality. It only believes in what it can see, hear and touch in the 3rd-dimensional world. So the way to break free of the limitations of the material plane is to step out of the mind's reality and begin to observe and address life from the higher perspective of the Soul. By seeing through the eyes of the higher mind we will be able to distance ourselves from the grandiosity, obsessions and fears of the ego. We will begin to catch the negative thoughts coming from the endless mental chatter and stop them--- mastering our outlook on life.

There has to be a shift in power, like the passing of the baton, from the ego to the soul so we can evolve into a Divine Human. This can be one of the most harrowing of experiences, often referred to as the "dark night of the soul", when the ego battles to maintain control of the will. Unfortunately the ego does not understand it only exists in 3-d and is limited to the five senses. This is not a part of our personality that should be wielding power and influence in our lives!

We tend to blame outside forces when we don't get what we want, not realizing that everything is flowing into our lives as a result of our past thoughts, feelings and actions. When we can move into following the wisdom of the soul and feel the presence of our personal power and true essence, then we are able to take full responsibility for what we create in life. It is only when we can switch to seeing through the eyes of the soul that we can see the consequences of our past, egoic decisions, actions and words. We are then able to own and accept the legacy of the less-developed self and begin the process of clearing shadow from our energy field, so that we can move into the purity of the future.

It is this process of internal house-cleaning that frees us from the shackles of the past; the locks and chains holding us frozen in time. By cleaning out the shadow of the egoic self we can break free of the limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that have kept us prisoners in duality. This freeing process allows our true self, the grand soul energy, to fill our bodies with power and self-love. It opens the heart to feel the natural flow of abundance and the exquisite joy present in the quiet moments in life. We can soar to the heights of our visions and feel the bliss of freedom.

Meg Benedicte