Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmission July 18

Serenity in the Heart:
Releasing the Mind and our Attachment to Self

This full moon we are releasing the Mind. We are letting go of any hold on mind based concepts and mental perception on what is occurring and what is going to occur in our life and in our world. We are abandoning any grasping or craving attitude towards the "trying" to figure it out. We are releasing the need to understand from a linear perspective.

We are releasing all emotional attachment to past information including who we were or may have been. We are releasing attachment to visions, past experiences, to prophecy, even to 2012.

We are releasing emotional identification to self, including perceived roles and any supposed "mission" in the world. In this lunar cycle, we are letting go of the stories, the predictions and the future fantasies.

We know that anything that is not in the NOW, is illusion.

We are dropping deeply into the heart and surrendering completely to "what is" in each and every moment. We are seeing beauty and divine perfection in each arising present moment. We are transcending this emotion of attachment to any perceived "shoulds", "doing", "healing" or "saving".

We are remembering that we are DIVINITY MANIFEST exactly the way we are and are exactly what the world needs now. We also accept this for everyone else who shares in our world in this moment, even those who seemingly occupy the more sinister roles in our individual and collective lives.

We are embracing ourselves and everyone on this planet as Divine... right here and right now.

In this peace and in this authenticity of Self, we fill the world with Love.