Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Cosmically Stressed Election of 2008

A Primal Antagonism
In 2008, the major planetary configuration of interest is a Saturn-Uranus opposition that occurs on Election Day itself, November 4th. (From a geocentric perspective, the planets will be 180 degrees apart, or directly opposite each other.) This event begins a series of five such oppositions that end in July 2010. This is a combination that occurs approximately every 45 years. This year, the Saturn-Uranus combination is the astro-elephant in the room. It tells us quite a bit about the energies surrounding election day, and thus the next four years.

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Riding the Timewave into 2012
Terence McKenna's Timewave concept, based in the metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead, quantifies the ebb and flow of a process that culminates on December 21, 2012 -- the end of the Mayan Long Count. This process, called novelty, represents an invisible temporal quality that describes the degree of connectedness of entities within time, an idea described by Whitehead as concrescence. A novel entity exhibits newness and creativity -- an example might be a collection of people or ideas that have been brought together for the first time. Typically, periods of high novelty are marked by dynamic change and integration of new ideas. On the other hand, the lack of novelty connotes periods characterized by terms like stasis and habit -- times of low creativity and relative disjunction.

McKenna's description of novelty vs. habit sounds strikingly like Emerson's description of the "two poles of nature" encapsulated in the Saturn-Uranus polarity. If we entertain the premise that McKenna was on to something -- despite technical criticisms of the Timewave theory -- then the occurrence of the Saturn-Uranus oppositions from 2008 to 2010 may be the leading indicators of a final descent into novelty culminating in 2012.

Given that we will be in unfamiliar territory, how can we ensure the most positive possible future given the stressful nature of the next few years? On a recent YouTube video, Mark Crispin Miller makes some good practical suggestions:

“I don't want people to freak out, or stay home and lock the door. On the contrary: It's crucial for us all to keep our heads, and have our eyes wide open. If these things take us by surprise, we are that much more vulnerable to being manipulated [and] pushed around, maybe with fatal consequences. If, however, we can be well aware of the nature of the people in charge, and not be surprised by the steps they take, we'll be strengthened by that kind of preparation, and we'll be able to resist.”--Miller

His advice is based on a worst-case scenario view of where we're headed. However, in the opposing energies of Saturn and Uranus, there also exists the potential for positive revolutionary change, a new beginning.