Thursday, June 26, 2008

Freewill of the Higher-self

Choosing Awakening
By Alex Kochkin

In the late 1980’s and through late 1990’s there was a mini-awakening –many referred to it as “god-realization”. It provided a strong connection with “Divine Mother” and to a lesser extent, “Divine Father” –both emanations of true Source. A high commonality was the opening up to a high vibrational awareness and integrating it into ones awareness and life. Individuals who were close to this process tended to notice one another through shared resonance and personal connections. They shared notes and informally supported one another’s process. There were a few teachers or healers who helped facilitate this eclectic and somewhat ad hoc process. This helped connect a new “ground crew” for what would prove to be something of a “long haul” to the present time. Some were “walk-ins” whose time had come to “wake-up” and/or who had been through profound near-death-experiences. All shared a common focused intent: to extend and expand connection with the Divine Mother and energies of Creation and all that may entail.

No one spent energy discussing how to manifest money, sex, fame, or power. In fact no one in the informal networks of people encouraged such distorted banalities. The “teachers” were more like a handful of local or traveling individuals who had their own powerful awakening realizations and over time found ways to share something of what they had connected to. It was never about them nor about any methodology --it was more like an ad hoc process of addressing the major concerns and energy currents for those most in resonance. When these itinerant “teacher/facilitators” were considering showing up, someone would arrange a simple hall and the word would go out –30 to 60 people would usually come. The fees were “exorbitant” –usually a voluntary donation at the door! Someone would bring some flowers to decorate and the proceedings usually tape recorded for everyone’s convenience. In addition there would be others who would find one another through an invisible higher resonance. Meeting others of like vibrational states was of enormous help to people as they tried to integrate more of the energy and awareness, especially for those who had been essentially
alone during their initial “awakening”.

Out of this eclectic and spontaneous “god-realization” milieu there came many direct realizations of higher truths. One of these could be roughly described as “what really matters is what you choose to matter”. This was not about falsehoods such as self-centered “voluntarism” or worse. Indeed, within the true realization process was early training to access and utilize ones true freewill. This was very important since nearly everyone’s divine birthright had been hijacked by the dark forces and already it was clear that the so many of the so-called “lightworkers” were for various reasons inaccessible by the true light and were unable to find their way to “call home”. Another higher-self realization could be described as “unity within diversity”. This was not the sort of false unity that is bantered about in most new age/new thought circles. In contrast to “choosing” from the hubris of illusion of being “educated and informed”, the matter of a higher choosing was made by the human personality from within the greater context of connection to higher-self.