Saturday, January 5, 2008

You Are What You Eat

I've been noticing in the Ascension Community a gradual leaning toward raw food. Over the past month, I've craved apples of all varieties (I'm glad there are so many), carrots and mineral water. (In other times I would have felt like a pony). Fresh green salads have been a delight even in the chill of winter. It makes sense to me that our new bodies need lighter food and we can't continue feeding ourselves as though we were still living in the Third Dimension. We grew up on foods for fueling the heavy, third-dimensional body and if we continue eating that way, we will continue carrying extra weight. As the Light Body develops within our physical being, we are much lighter. I'm cutting out processed foods including sugar, wheat and diary products as much as possible and I'm getting down to an occasional glass of wine though I'm still mired in the coffee and black tea swirl. This feels like a diet that supports my body. I don't expect that everyone will be the same, but the point is to find a way of eating and drinking that supports your new fifth-dimensional body, and does not keep you locked into the heaviness and discomfort of third-dimensional physicality. I am a foodie with a deep love of cooking and eating Italian cuisine and I'm not looking forward to eliminating this way of eating.

Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy MacLean, pioneered working with the Devas as part of establishing a community based on New Earth principles at Findhorn. Both Eileen and Dorothy channelled information that was used in their pioneering project.

"We developed an entirely new understanding of the purpose of eating. We were told that we were purifying the atomic structure of our bodies, transforming the dense physical substance into light and lightness which would be more receptive to absorbing energies from the sun, sea and air, and would require less solid food. But this was not a process that could be rushed into."

And about the importance of being conscious as you work with and build your Light Body, or your Fifth-dimensional body, Dorothy received this from her channel:

"I ask all of you to drink more water, just pure, pure water, It is very cleansing and will be a great help in speeding up this refining process. You do not need tea for tea stimulates and is unnecessary and harmful for what you are doing at this time. It would be better to drink milk if you really feel you need it, otherwise water. Coffee should not be taken; your system does not need it. Water has untapped forces and energies in it which have not yet been discovered by mankind. Sunshine and water, sunshine and water. I want you to cut down gradually on solid food and drink more water. Do it for My sake, because I have asked you to and for no other reason. Water will give you the energy you need. There are tremendous forces being released on the planet at this time. Forces which are being energized by water. Like the genies in the bottle, they have at last been freed. Water is the medium which is to be used to energize these forces. Water on the body. Water in the body. Water all around you. Bathing in the sea is good for the body. It tones it up. The more fresh air and sunshine you get the better, But on no account is this to become a fetish. Do all in moderation and enjoy it. Never allow yourself to imagine that your body will become a light body Without your doing anything about it. All the time think about creating a light body, and let your thoughts help to create it."

I think we will begin to see the increasing importance of water in our lives. We've become aware, thanks to Dr. Masaru Emoto ( that water is conscious and holds vibration and because of this we can drink messages of love and transformation. The photo at the beginning of this message is a picture of a water crystal shown the message, "Happy Christmas". Also, we will give more importance to the way that we eat and how we eat, and how we honor what we take into our bodies as food.

I'd also like to add for those dealing with issues of dis-ease, there is abundant oxygen and water in raw food, making it hydrating and alkalizing. Cancer can not live in an alkaline environment. Within every living cell resides the blueprint of who and what we are. Nurture it. Feed it well. Love and cherish the vehicle you were so generously given. Recapture your own power and let food be your medicine. Let every word be positive. Let every thought be made in kindness.

In Lak'ech

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