Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reclaiming Your Power

Standing at this crucial moment in time a vacuum is opened as we begin this new year during which we can reconsider our current and future reality. It is in our current reality that the seed of the greater collective is born and this is a powerful opportunity for us.

As beings of light this is the year to reclaim our power. We need it for the road ahead, where our power will enable us to live in joy. This is not a passive process. To reclaim your power you must investigate your heart, finding where you have given its gold away, and recover it. One must not give away that golden power, it can only be shared, and if we have created a wall around it in our hearts, dividing that Sacred Gold from the whole of our of Love, it will only weaken our energy fields when strength is needed.

Find your voice if you have lost it. Recreate yourself if necessary. Many will be surprised at your candor, so speak with integrity and love from your heart when you speak your Truth.

Make space to reflect in writing or thought and consider all the people, places, situations and things in your life and decide if they are supporting you or drawing from you. This is the simplest way to strengthen your field.

Then decide who you are going to be when you own your power again and then create the life you want to live from that vision. Do not re-create Yourself in fear or build in any potential catastrophe or poverty because surely this is not what you wish to bring forward. Be aware, educated and prepared for that which you are led to prepare for and create a strong foundation.

The coming year marks the beginning of the end of the world as we know it and what we witness can provoke terror or celebration. You decide how it will manifest in your life. This world has known catastrophe before, just as you have known catastrophe in your own life before and fearing it will bring no positive results. We must embody joy to build reserves of energy to serve us in times of challenge and hold Light within if we wish to float rather than sink in the seas of uncertainty.

So, you may focus on the end, or you may focus on the beginning for it is more truly, the beginning or the end.

Look at this year was the beginning of a new era and live in inspired joy. It must come from your heart and be allowed to take form in your outer life at the very personal level. Joy cannot be forced. We can only space for it in our hearts.

Cultivate your inner garden for joy. Take a seed, root it and grow a thriving and prosperous life.

Don't postpone joy. There is no reason it can't start now.

Find the places you have been giving your power away, and say goodbye to them. For if you are giving your power away repeatedly, joy cannot find consistent sanctuary within yourself.

This is a year of setting the foundation for the changes to come and you want yours to be strong and full of supportive resourcefulness and creative energy. Don't give up on your dreams because the world is shifting.

Dream a new vision and imagine your future as a blank slate. See the coming change as good. Bless the change. Trust that the universe will take care of you and follow the guidance it gives you. Prepare for whatever you feel may be around the corners in your life, not out of fear, but instead out of calm and centered response to your guidance.

Choose powerfully when you are choosing what to create on this blank slate. Carry over only that which nourishes you and reflects you. Create radically. Let go in trust. Love yourself.

Draw or write about your visions for your future and revisit and add to or change them several times. Daydream about them. Pray, if you choose, either in the morning, before sleeping, or during your meditation or writing if you would like assistance from Source with your new vision or in reclaiming your power. Then look for signs in your life in response.

Know your power. That's all you need for the birth of the new world. Begin the new world now. Don't wait. Begin living it and creating it around you. You are the hope and the light, and the joy of our new world.

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