Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saturn in Virgo- Our Lead In to Mercury Retrograde January 28-February 19

Because Saturn is in Virgo, a few people have said it feels like Mercury is retrograde and actually it isn't until January 28-February 19. It feels that way because having the planet of perfection in Mercury-ruled Virgo puts pressure on us in a similar way. Saturn in Virgo is urging us to be efficient, to watch all those details that can trip us up, to work on improving our routines. You had better get used to it because this will be compounded when Mercury does go retrograde later this month. Really pay attention to dates, times and details and don't take things for granted. That's the message of Saturn in Virgo. It's also urging us to give Service to others; not so that we can benefit, or look good, or receive accolades, just purely and simply because we can and we should. It's not by chance that Virgo is called The Virgin. There is a purity and simplicity of motive about this Sun Sign at its best. All the planetary movements are helping us to grow if we listen to the message they are bringing us.

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