Monday, January 14, 2008

Keep Cloned Meat Off Grocery Shelves

I couldn't believe my eyes when this came across the waves!

Don't Buy It: Keep Cloned Meat Off Grocery Shelves

The FDA has buckled to big biotech and agro-business despite more than 150,000 public comments opposing the lifting of the ban, and amendments to the federal Farm Bill and Omnibus Appropriations Bill calling for more research before lifting the ban.

Genetically speaking, you meat eaters could eat burgers from the same cow for years. Don't let the marketplace support such experimentation with our ecosystem and the food we eat.

Don't eat meat or animal products? We still think this issue will interest you, given the risks taken by introducing cloned animals into our food system and ecosystem.

Sign the petition below and tell grocers you aren't buying it! Tell them you'll stop shopping at stores that can't promise not to sell such products.

(Recipients include: A&P, Costco, Wall Mart, Food Lion, Giant, Safeway, Whole Foods, Hardings, Super Fresh and others.)

Click this link to sign the petition.

Eating cloned animals sounds really gross to me and the idea of chewing on the same disease ridden cow for months or years seems very unappealing. Please pay attention to what you fuel your bodies with. I advise only the freshest organic produce purchased from your local farmers. And stop eating your animal friends.

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