Thursday, December 6, 2007

Returning To Our Future Selves

As we leave behind all sadness and grief because these do not exist on our New Earth, we return to our Future Selves embracing our power as creators and co-creators with Spirit and our Soul creating in Unconditional Love and Abundance.

We remember ourselves as immortal, as we were originally designed to be. We now live in True Light, in Continuous Springtime Temperature, Abundance,and the continuous
manifestation of those things we desire from our Free Will and do not invade the Free Will of others, creating our homes, our playgrounds and our food. Manifestation is accomplished through Mind and Light Technology, as Earth's Spiritual Grids of Consciousness are aligned and grounded with the grids of Christ Consciousness and we are no longer chained to the grids of control, death and gravity.

The New Earth provides infinite varieties of 5th Dimensional manifestation, which will be magnetically correspondent to the level of understanding of each individual's consciousness.

There will be some who choose to continue living in a way that makes the New Earth look exactly like their Old Earth because that is their highest ideal and that is their Free Will. Those who choose to live in old paradigms will come to experience difficulty in the simple things of life such as using electrical energy because there won't be any in the 5th dimensional reality. Those who are choosing to line up with the old grid system may continue to experience lack because they are still manifesting lack and when they finally realize they can manifest something better, they will. (Originally humanity could manifest as fast as it could think a thought. This will soon be true once again).

The higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension will eventually raise everyone into understanding the New Divinity. Those living as if the future is the next moment, will advance most quickly. Those living in their past and present triangles will move along at a slower pace.

Imagination, creativity, flexibility and allowing are key. Go with the flow of the energies and frequencies of the New Earth and the 5th dimension, allowing your imagination to be your reality - for it is your reality - making known the unknown - into beautiful manifestation. And while it may still look like we have electricity and it still looks like we can die, this is an illusion left over from the old paradigm belief system. Those outgrown patterns of plugging a cord into an electrical outlet to light the lamp and going to the store for a new pair of shoes are finished and certainly everyone has the Divine Right of Free Will to continue those patterns if they want to. I assume the light will come on anyway if one desires it to. Eventually everyone will realize the energy doesn't come from the plug in the wall.

We are a galactic civilization, interacting positively with the many star system civilizations in our galaxy and universe, and indeed other universes, living in an invisible universe (often
referred to as spiritual realms, or Heaven) as well as the visible universe, which is the only part most people believe exists. The real truth has been hidden, helping us eventually remember and discover we are great immortal beings of universal knowledge and wisdom, closely connected to our brothers and sisters in space and beyond.

Many people feel "something is about to happen", and because much of that change is beyond the 3rd dimension, it is difficult to comprehend that we have been part of a grand "experiment", having agreed at a higher level of understanding to be here in these exciting "end times", the end of one civilization, and the beginning of a new one that we will co-create.

Much has been predicted about our future and some of this information was true at the original time of recording, but has since changed. Some of it was never true, and was intended to manipulate us. And some information was correct and still holds firm today. Sorting all this out is the difficult part. That is why what is "truth" for one person, is not necessarily "truth" for someone else. You need to apply your own discernment to all information, including what I am presenting here. People are waking up in varying degrees as we continue our learning.

Mother Earth has a consciousness of her own, she is a living being, as most of you know. The Divine Plan of the Creator, which we all follow, knowingly or unknowingly, calls for the Earth to ascend from the reality we know as the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension. This had long been suggested to be around the end of 2012, or earlier.

We have reached the Critical Mass that allows our evolution and ascension to progress at a more rapid rate than was previously estimated and we thank you Archangel Michael for the work you have done in preparing our Ascension - not only planetary, but solar, universal and galactic ascension. We thank you for the opportunities you have given us to work with you on your projects of Divine Love and Infinite Wisdom. We welcome the opportunities to work with you as co-creators on your projects of Light. We look forward to remembering what our Divine Assignments are. For all this we are grateful.

We know you have successfully turned our Earth and our Universe and our Solar System around back toward God Source and we will gravitate toward this light faster and faster as the days and years begin to disappear. We know we spent millions of years reaching this great density of ours and now we return all of our denseness of experience to our Source through our Soul and allow all of these frequencies to return new in the new form of violet flames and golden liquid light to begin creating our New Earth from. We now work continuously to bring on Light's higher and higher frequencies until we ignite into the highest frequency of Christ Consciousness.

The time line became earlier and earlier as the Critical Mass of Light Workers grew larger and larger. All will increase in vibration, as a mass, to move with the planet. People no longer have the time to go through separate and individual ascension processes. Many dimensions, and parallel worlds exist in the same space. We have other aspects of ourselves who exist on other worlds, in other dimensions or realities. They only differ by degrees of vibration. When we increase our vibration sufficiently, our body transforms into a silica base and we change dimensions. The Critical Mass of Light Workers has made this possible.

Ascension is the integration of spirit and matter. It is the process where our physical, emotional, mental, and all spiritual bodies combine to create a Fully Conscious Being, taking on a Light Body.

By now, a 12-strand RNA/DNA system will have replaced our body's 3-strand system. We will have increased our 7-chakra system of body energy vortexes to a 21-chakra system with the 4th chakra as the base chakra and consciously use 100 percent of our brain, instead of the 10 to 20 percent currently utilized. Full consciousness will return to us, and we will realize why we are
here, what we are to do in the future, and what our past lives have been. We will have universal knowledge at our fingertips, or rather, our brain receptors, and have what we would now consider super-human abilities.

As ascended galactic humans, we can expect to be able to interact with all sentient life forms in our galaxy, universe, and beyond. We will regain extraterrestrial powers that we lost many
lifetimes ago. Telepathy, teleportation, and interplanetary travel without space craft will be possible using our Light Body or Merkaba.

Some people will revisit or return to their star systems that they came from. Some will help to repopulate Mars, Venus, and Maldek which will be re-formed from the Asteroid Belt. The
majority will participate in the Earth Project where we will create the New Earth, move on to Urtha and then on to the Golden Galaxy of the new Golden Age, and we will help create it. Earth will once again be a showcase planet, a major center for communication, conferences and headquarters for the Intergalactic Union of the many galaxies near us.

We will live in magnificent crystalline cities in the New Earth. Our new civilization will again be based on spiritual concepts of Lemuria, which in turn, was based on Sirius B concepts. Our bodies will continue to look much like they do now except they will be more silica than carbon based and much less dense - not totally etheric - but a little bit more etheric than they are
now. They will be immortal bodies. We can look 33 years old forever, if we choose.

The Galactic Federation have over 18 million space craft in our solar system at any one time, rotating from a much larger base. Competition is high among members to be here and assist at this great "end times". Some mother ships are thousands of kilometres long and the smaller shuttle craft are more commonly seen in our atmosphere.Soon there will be mass sightings of crafts and when we witness changes in world governance structures, unification of societies, and a return of our personal sovereignty, we will realize that we have been living in the fifth dimension.

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