Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Prayer for Humanity

May we come to know and acknowledge our new selves as our species emerges from its long gestation within our earthly biosphere.

May we recognize and acknowledge all that we have done to each other, to our own self, and to our planetary mother out of ignorance, selfi shness, anger, and fear.

May we reconcile the shock of such realizations with that of new intentions and new actions that serve our higher purpose as spiritual beings.

May we come to realize love as a universal principle that allows for this experience of physical reality and out of such realization, learn to apply this principle with a newly-rediscovered will to choose and serve our higher destiny as spiritual beings.

May we come to experience the joy and happiness in the freedom and transformative results of applying ourselves in this new way.

May this be manifest as the dawn of a new reality for all to see and experience in contrast to their experience of the old reality.

May each within humanity so choose for themselves which reality best serves their highest aspirations.

May it be so.

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