Friday, December 21, 2007

Solstice Energies

December Solstice - Sun enters Capricorn -
December 21/22 - 10:08 PM PST
December 21; 1:08 AM EST
December 22; 6:08 AM GMT
December 22 - In the northern hemisphere, this is the shortest day of the solar year. In the southern hemisphere, the longest. Solstice is stillpoint, a point of culmination. Again, pause, breathe, align, consider the fruits of your soul's journey to this point. Honor and celebrate this passage.

Sun to usher in a new day brimming with hope, optimism and possibilities for the future. It's Solstice, the Moon is waxing. Anything could happen! This is truly an auspicious day. With the intensity we've experienced this year, we deserve a party. Celebrate, but don't overindulge.

Solstice Moon in Cancer-Capricorn -
December 23/24 - 5:16 PM PST
December 23; 8:16 PM EST
December 23; 12:16 AM GMT
December 24 - The Full Moon rises just past the Solstice, punctuating the themes of transition, enlightenment and the possibilities of a New Earth. Bathe in the soft, milky glow of this Snow Moon. Open to timeless wisdom.

Note from the Earth Transition Users Manual: These galactic alignments are uber-potent. What you think about will manifest without hesitation during this time, especially on the dates of the exact alignments. Use your powers to attract consciously, create positive change, and bring healing energy to loved ones and Mother Earth.


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