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Global Awakening News/December 2007

December 2007 Issue
These commentaries and analyses are presented for their value to anyone who cares about the future as humanity prepares to make the greatest shift in consciousness and being ever experienced. We cover a wide range of topics including social-values research, "future-views", the world situation, and advanced spiritual perspectives.
Contents of this Issue
-- State of the Vision
-- Reality Paradigm, De-coupling, and Awakened Community
-- Catalyzing Further Shifts in Consciousness -
Breakdown of the Social and Planetary Environments
-- More on Awakened Community
-- Conclusion

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State of the Vision and Our Situation
* Introduction
* Reality Paradigm, De-Coupling, and Awakened Community
* Catalyzing Further Shifts in Consciousness - Breakdown of the Social and Planetary
* More on Awakened Community
* In Conclusion

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Discernment, The Dark, and False Teachers & Movements by Alex Kochkin

Spiritual Movements, Energy Parasitism, and the Dark A case study and aid to discernment by Rasha

Social-sciences research essay series: Social Inertial Ballast
* Introduction
* So Why Haven't Things Changed for the Better, Sooner?
* "Social Inertial Ballast," Disconnection, and Disengagement
* Two Estimates of "Inertial Ballast" in Society: The 8.2% Group
* Two Estimates of "Inertial Ballast" in Society: The 16.2% Group

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State of the Vision
The State of the Vision commentary is a mixture of intuitive insight tempered with the insight of experience and further discussions of "future-views" of what is likely to be coming around the corner. This issue's commentary continues to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable to some. What is presented here is done with the intent to inform and help guide. Many hours are spent reviewing and considering the content of this publication and we offer it freely, without expectation of monetary consideration.


Over the past several months we have covered topics such as the nature of the dark and the light, the emergence of Creation-2, the New Earth, examined problems in the process of creation, and the considered implications for the evolution of humanity. We have also touched on the existence of major transformational processes that are working to alter the nature of reality and serve to propel humanity into its next stage of evolution as spiritual beings. In this issue we focus on some of the systemic problems that clearly indicate cause for humanity to de-couple from what has been passed off as "normal" social and physical reality.

As noted in the November issue of GA News, there are two major tendencies within humanity engaged in a push-pull with one another, with a great deal of amplification occurring due to various influences outside of the immediate human sphere of awareness.

On one hand, there are those who are more aligned and focused on spiritual evolution than ever before. These individuals are a part of the early waves of humanity who are moving forward in their the evolution of consciousness and energetic make-up - surprisingly not all of them are aware of this! This group includes religious and non-religious orientations.

On the other hand there are those who are enmeshed and heavily identified with the dominant paradigm, the control matrix. This latter group includes both those of wealth and social-material power as well as those without any wealth or social-material power. This group also includes the religious as well as the non- religious.

To be certain, these are not antagonistic groups. Why? It is simply not possible for those more spiritually advanced to function in such a manner that gives rise to polarity and conflict. The home of polarity and conflict exists within the control matrix paradigm and is presently isolated to certain points in Creation-1, such as the present Earth-based reality. The sooner an individual disengages their consciousness from the control matrix, the sooner they will discover a new freedom and a new future and a new reality. Yes, it is entirely possible for a period of time to continue working and living within the "control matrix" and yet not have your consciousness identify with it. Yes, it is possible (although painful at times) to be very aware of what is transpiring in the old paradigm reality. And yes, temporarily it is a challenge to continue in ways that appear "ordinary" to yourself and others, yet always aware that you have shifted much in your consciousness. The next stage involves a shifting of your physicality and then more dramatic shifting of consciousness, etc. What we are describing here is a major facet of an ascension process.

So here is a question to quickly sort out what is most important in ones life:

If you were given the opportunity to be free of all forms of physical and emotional suffering and limitations, to be able to know anything, to live in a state of truth, love, and beauty, to explore the nature of existence, to learn how to create new environments, and to do this in community with others and be in direct conscious connection with higher realms of consciousness -- would you choose this over your present life situation and outlook?

Reality Paradigm, De-coupling, and Awakened Community

Over recent decades, many popular teachers, authors, gurus, and techniques have been promoted to seekers, all offering promises of the secret of the ages, the benefits of enlightenment, happiness, freedom, joy, love, beauty, wealth, sex, peace, love, power, special "blessings", etc., ad nauseam. There have been slick marketing campaigns with catchy phrases such as "authentic living", "integral culture", "authentic power", "wisdom of the world", "authentic spirituality", "the secret", etc. They provide clever marketing covers to keep people in a state of falseness and living within a subset of the dominant control matrix. Every year we see "re- branding" and new "package design" with claims of "new and improved" versions for people to sign up for. These are moneymakers for those living off the talk/seminar circuses, offering a parade of revelations about ET's, debates over global climate change, campaigns to end world hunger, and various "unity and oneness" pitches that serve to distract and misdirect and conceal the true nature of a reality matrix ruled by dark forces. Amidst all this is another falsehood, that of voluntarism, which misleads people into thinking the individual can triumph with enough effort. Further extended to humanity, this leads to a greater hubris and falsehood that on its own humanity can solve its problems and eventually reach the stars and beyond. The mixture of miasms that define the parameters of social beliefs and ideas serves one purpose only: to reinforce the prison of illusion that provides "the powers that be" with a key social control mechanism.

We were recently asked if there were any organizations or movements that we supported or endorsed, to which, the answer must be none, with one qualifying exception. Any organization or well-read publication today that has any significant effect or reach, nationally or globally, is likely to be heavily influenced by dark force patterning and otherwise compromised by virtue of its human operators and the natural consequences of emerging from within the control matrix. Thus their efforts can readily feed into the plans for a single global government controlled by a plutarchy, or otherwise easily side-tracked into ineffectiveness.

Concerning those rare initiatives that were inspired and designed from outside the matrix and in effect "smuggled" in through non-compromised human conduits, it was found that their implementation would have required human resources that simply did not exist and those most supportive were not capable to lead something of a high purpose, and hence those missions would have been undermined.

The qualifying exception to our non-support would be those local self-organizing efforts that are primarily and fundamentally spiritually focused. And this is why we support and encourage the formation of as many forms as possible of local awakened community. To date there are no local or national efforts that have demonstrated spiritual maturity and accomplishments to justify any outreach beyond their own core locale. While it is always possible this situation can change, it is not very likely. Naturally, self-organizing communities of people will seek out others to share information and inspiration and this is a good thing. But there cannot be any one model that promotes itself over any others and there cannot and must not be any organization, individual, or group that becomes a central body in effect handing out "franchises".

This warning is made quite deliberately with the intent to discourage groups of emerging spiritualized humans from overreaching their level of consciousness and spiritual capacity and from trying to organize others along particular models and energetic matrix. This caution is also to serve as constructive guidance to those seeking awakened community. Unless it is a local effort you are an equal part of, there is no group or leaders to join. Imagine an organism made up of independently functioning cells, all different, yet all moving with common purpose. It is that plain and simple.

Some would ask, if the status quo or the power elite is not openly challenged for power, is that not also supporting their dark plans? To which the answer is an unqualified no. Such a question implies that this reality is the only one there is and that the way the world and humanity functions is all there is to work with. If anything, such a false assumption as that is dangerous as it would condemn humanity to the ravages of a parasitic system under the rule of dark forces.

Those who are most aware of the nature of the control matrix and the power elite, know that there is nothing to gain in "fighting the system" since the structure of their power and influence is so pervasive and the operating parameters so closely defined. Simply put, you cannot win at their game by playing according to their rules. (Who would want to wind at their game, anyway?) Hence, it will be local communities of spirituality that will be in the best position to weather the storms of social and planetary changes.

One of the oldest social and political control mechanisms in history, known as "religion", has been repackaged and remarketed by both religious and non- religious interests. This is being done under the falsehood that the "great" religions of the world all offer ways of connecting with God and gaining deeper spiritual wisdom. This further reinforces the falsehood that spirituality and religions are either the same or closely related. Fundamentally, the only thing that religions have to do with spirituality is that they have been one of the most successful ways to prevent masses of people from connecting to God, Higher Consciousness, and their own innate spirituality. Religions have done this by placing arcane doctrines, practices, and some of the most un-enlightened individuals in positions of power and influence over the lives of most of the world's population. For those who are not members of a religion, they too are controlled by this --perhaps by their own opposition to religion, perhaps by the effects of religious cover provided to various wars. In some countries, such as the U.S.A., this false linkage between religion and spirituality has served for generations to prevent enlightened civil spirituality from arising and supplanting the influence of the dark forces. While there are now factors in play that will serve to weaken the hold that the religions have over people, these institutions will continue to exert much influence over humanity. (Editor note: We make no distinction between religions and their respective institutions as they are practicably inseparable.)

There are organizations and publications that speak of serving humanity's awakening in one form or another. A few are organized as religious movements, but most appear to be more secular. One such group adopted "awakening" as a slogan and promotes something called the Earth Charter Initiative that requires obedience to the United Nations treaties! (Editor note: The Earth Charter is a creation of a Gorbachev-led group and appeals to many of the same people as does the Gore-led global warming misdirection campaign.) One might well ask, who truly controls the U.N., who controls the most important treaties/agreements, and who has veto over the security council? Both these "projects" serve to conceal the true nature of the global control elite and help maintain human bondage under the guise of "we are all in this together" and seeking superficial reforms.

As the dominant social and physical paradigm and energetic reality breaks downs, a different reality and paradigm moves into place. It will be those who have disengaged from the old and connected with the new energies and higher consciousness who will find freedom in new dimensions of existence. Some of these individuals will be willing to maintain some connection to the old reality to aid others in transition and transformation.
Wonderful surprises are in store for those who are more aware.

Catalyzing Further Shifts in Consciousness - Breakdown of the Social and Planetary Environments

Recently, tens of millions of people throughout the world have been severely impacted by destructive high winds and heavy rains. Unusual tidal events are now affecting coastal areas around the world with surging tides and gradually rising water. These tidal events are partly due to submarine lands displacing seawater. These are examples of the start of major "adjustments" to the planetary environment of terra firma, oceans, and skies with which our physical existence is related.

Food prices a drastically rising globally. The present financial crises are leading to the greater impoverishment of more people and to the greater concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a small number of humans. We are now somewhere around 25% into a global economic crash that will mainly serve to benefit those who are at the top of the "food chain" as well as their most loyal servants.

Unusual space energies are anticipated for December 2007 as well as possible large earthquakes that would affect North America. Also major earth change events are anticipated around October 2008.

Strange space and atmospheric anomalies have been observed and will be more noticeable in the coming weeks and months, for those so inclined, these will be signs of great changes. The recent comet sightings fit very closely with Hopi and other prophecies.

The period between now and 2010 will be one of extreme change for the planet as well as humanity. As always, choices become personal. It is difficult to let go of the railing of the Titanic while it still appears to be partially afloat.

In the political and social sphere there is growing outrage and opposition to the recent loss of presumed "civil rights" and the bursting of the false economic "prosperity" that has been highly orchestrated. This, coupled with decades of malicious deceit, corruption, and endless warfare causing terrible suffering for hundreds of millions of people, is leading to civil unrest and a repressive response by the authorities in the U.S.A and other counties. The opposition is highly fractionated and confused and lacks experience in elections, government or organization. Unless there is a focus on local core community, and the local political sub-divisions, such opposition will have little effect.

Many well-intended people think it is possible to change the control matrix using its own operating rules of control against it. This is a dangerous approach to take. Those newcomers who think they can effect social revolution peacefully or otherwise lack much of any understanding of the ease with which the global controllers rule over six and half billion people and most certainly lack any understanding of the basic operating rules of society - in the USA or most anywhere else.

Business magazines comment on billionaires and large company rankings. But they avoid talking about trillionaires and the true extent of global control that rests in the hands of a very few hundred people that are headed by several families and coordinated by small committees. They in turn rely on a strata of highly privileged and influential individuals numbering in the tens of thousands. This strata in turn relies on the services of a strata numbering in the hundreds of thousands who are themselves wealthy and privileged to carry out the actual directives that are to lead to an absolute world government. (Editor note: we are deliberately omitting discussion here of alliances with various inter-dimensional and other off-world interests.)

In turn this strata relies on another layer of servants numbering in the millions, including senior managers, executives, administrators, politicians, etc. They in turn reach out through every means available to misdirect and confound the masses to stay with the system, things will get better, consumer spending will increase, etc. The global controllers have planned ahead for generations, while the social progressive of good intentions are barely able to react to events that are already beyond their grasp.

Their vision of the world is one of a highly controlled society and population levels. The global controllers have absolutely no preference of allegiance to any country, political or social "-ism", and will use any and all means at their disposal to move inexorably toward their long-range goals. We are presently very close to seeing this implemented. The only thing that will prevent this is the great transformational process of the earth and humanity that is underway under the guidance and facilitation of the highest levels of God consciousness.

Simply due to natural circumstance, most who are aligned with spiritual awakening have little or no grounding in the realities of society and its political and economic dynamics and mechanisms. Hence the apparent naivete expressed by these people. Those more aware of these mechanisms have little spiritual grounding through which to discern rightly and wrongly. The resulting incoherency is what we see around us, especially in the U.S. Europe has its own issues and is driven by excessive intellectualism rooted in an old paradigm and generally lacking spiritual vision.

Social unrest will become more pronounced and an increasingly harsh and authoritarian response from those in power will be implemented. There are many different types of people in U.S. who share common beliefs as to the right of free speech and dissent, the right to own firearms, and in what are supposedly rights and responsibilities conferred by the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Likewise, there are many in the armed forces and national guard who have major differences with official governmental policy and directives. Yet all these groups are divided by beliefs and lifestyle and are easily manipulated into ineffective responses.

Those in the greatest positions of power and influence (and who are not likely to be public figures) have their own imperatives that naturally are in conflict, violently in certain situations, with the best interests of large numbers of people. Hence the power elite will find ways to facilitate social breakdown, including the shift of vast wealth that is underway, the loss of the national language of English, the control of free travel between states and out of the country, etc. They will direct new false flag "terror" events to be staged to further shock the population into submission and fractioned confusion. The merging of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is underway for 2008 and will require a new set of transnational laws. It will be certain that these laws will not be open for public discussion or election referenda.

In many countries similar situations will be uniquely tailored to local situations. Make no mistake, the movement toward establishing global rule by a plutarchic elite is underway. The global elite have looked and planned ahead for generations. In contrast, so-called social-spiritual progressive organizations and individuals are barely able to cooperate for more than one year in a fractionated tactical alliances and have always operated in reaction to perceived issues and challenges from the control matrix. In this manner they actually help, in a perverse way, to maintain the status quo. This is a fundamental problem of polarity consciousness and the "us versus them" mentality that pervades. The control matrix could not be so effective otherwise.

Managed and staged manipulations of the financial markets, military and international policy, mainstream media pronouncements, etc. will be used to misdirect and confuse any of the public who foolishly rely on such sources for "news". Internet sites that broadcast the reality of society under a "Fourth Reich" would be shut down. Countries are to be formed into regions, regions to be merged into a single world government. Fabricated fears will be used to remove what few legal protections remain of free speech. Currencies will be replaced by electronic data exchanges. Those who are enfranchised into society will carry a radio-frequency chipset either in the form of identity cards on their person, or bio-chip implants inside their body. Those who step out of line in terms of critical dissent will find themselves economically and legally "removed" and disenfranchised from the common society. Society will become populated by those who are good at living in denial and ignorance and in hiding their feelings and opinions. Such is the vision of the global controllers. While a large majority of U.S. adults do not believe the official lies about September 11th, the Middle East wars, etc., there remains a significant minority that continues to support the "powers that be". Some of these people are simply part of the "social inertial ballast" group profiled in the research essay in this issue of GA News, others are part of backward religious fundamentalist tendencies that seek to implement specific end-time scenarios as part of their own twisted path to spiritual "salvation". Additionally, there simply are those rich and poor who are simply accustomed to being stupid or are materially bought off and thus partially vested in "the powers that be" version of the future.

There are those who are so easily manipulated by "the powers that be" -mostly well-intentioned but seriously impaired individuals who continue to live in denial as to the true nature of the two-faced single party control system. Then there are those who for some reason have not been paying close attention to what good information is available to them and think that somehow a clean reform candidate actually stands a chance of being elected and that a clean sweep is possible of the heavily corrupt U.S. Congress. Perhaps they were not paying attention to the rigged elections or think that presidents or key party leaders do not get assassinated. Then there are those who are naïve in thinking that race or gender somehow is a deciding factor with regard to consciousness or ethics. These people have obviously not been paying attention to the information available to them either.

Recently published dire economic forecasts anticipate a severe global economic crash by the end of 2009. It is our assessment that this is more likely to occur before the end of 2008, depending on the severity of anticipated earth changes. If the earth changes are less severe in their destruction, then it is more likely that the economic crisis will be smoothly managed to more efficiently concentrate more wealth and power in the hands of the plutarchy and diminish what limited social economic freedom exists for the masses of people from whom they extracted their wealth in the first place.

It is only natural for people to want to maintain connection with what has been familiar, even if it causes further suffering. As the national and global economic, social, and political processes breakdown, more people will have an opportunity to see the terrible lies and villainy behind the public faces of their most influential public figures and institutions. To some this will cause righteous anger and desire for retribution, to others it will be cause to abandon any further identification with or expectations of life under the control matrix. And yes, there will continue to be a small but significant group that constitutes "social inertial ballast" the effect of which is to support the dominant control structures. As more people see more of the reality behind the public façade, millions of people will open to new possibilities and higher consciousness.

Naturally, for the majority of people who identify with the present reality, it is only natural to seek public expression of protest and exposure. For those full of righteous outrage over the current world situation, to act externally by campaigning against this and that, is of limited value however, and consumes precious human resources in an oppositional mode, leaving little energy for constructing something new. A caution would apply to those in the early stages of awakening -their nascent and unconsolidated spiritual energies are easily dissipated by acting in opposition to the "control matrix". This does not mean to be apathetic, as many would have you be, nor does it mean not to discuss the nature of "the powers that be". To the contrary, it is good to be aware and informed. However, there are different avenues for expression and action for those who are moving through the transformational process.

People need to consider all actions taken in the name of nations, races, religions, etc. as deeply as possible. Ultimately, why should humanity be allowed to go on as it has been? Survival of genes? Not a good reason. The codes of life can be recreated and reseeded endlessly. To be good planetary citizens who can turn all Earth and eventually the cosmos into one vast commercial (hopefully more peaceful) enterprise? I think not.

Everyone needs to consider why they are alive today and ask their highest selves what the highest possible future could be to their highest aspirations as essentially spiritual beings? Ask what is the highest possible future for this experiment of Creation that "thinks" it is self-aware and calls itself "humanity"?

This central aspirational question needs to permeate our lives daily and be allowed to inspire and inform and guide our actions. This is perhaps a most revolutionary question. This can help dissolve most of the ties that so directly and indirectly bind so many people to corrupt organizational institutions and social customs. In turn this will have a powerful revolutionary effect on people's actions and energies.

Welcome communion with your own higher selves and with the highest levels of God Consciousness. Demand to see beyond the illusions. Make this your prayer/intention to yourself every night before you go to sleep. Ask to remember the answers as well. It is your divine right. This is why creating new forms of community relationships is so important now as a transition step to a radically more evolved existence that relies upon our basic nature as spiritual beings rather than as intelligent yet self-centered humans.

More on Awakened Community

There is a general call to form new community and it is being conveyed by various individual messengers. New books and articles are appearing. In one recent commentary, Karen Bishop (, highlights the release of arrogance and the importance of living in community with others where the energies and vibrations of each must be able to exist in harmony with a community lifestyle. Karen writes:

"We are being prepared for community living. And we are purging and releasing arrogance. So even though these times may be stressful, challenging, and stretch us to the maximum, they would not be occurring if community living was not on the very near horizon, and if we were not, as always, aligning more fully with Source. In order to live successfully in community, we must fit. The energies and vibrations of each and every one of us must be able to exist in harmony with a community lifestyle. We are being groomed and prepared for community living because so much of the old world and old systems will be falling away and will end in the very near future. In this way, we can now know that all is always in divine and perfect order, as we are always and most certainly being protected and guided through this amazing ascension process. -- In community living, the whole is vitally important. We cannot exist without the whole, and each and every one of us is vitally important to the success of the whole. So then, arrogance comes from things being our idea, and not as much an idea that stems from our connection to Source."

The arrogance she refers to is related to the centrality of the individual operating in separation from Source consciousness. It is related to the concepts of the triumph of the individual effort over circumstances and when extended to humanity, would represent a collective embrace of the dark forces that have for so long manipulated portions of Creation-1 for their own selfish ends.

That humans get together to work in community in a new way in the context of spiritual awakening (rather than physical survival) is a very important thing. This is in contrast to organizing political communities under the illusion of building a grassroots movement to overthrow the old order and make a new world. It would be hubris for humans to think that on their own they can fix everything or make everything new in the absence of conscious connection to higher self/higher God/Source.

It is folly to think that a new world will emerge through elections, money and policy. The time is over for this sort of "gradualism". What is on the horizon is the complete transformation of the planet and humanity. The battle for human consciousness and human existence is now clearly on earth and in the human sphere. It is evident everywhere. Various individuals and organizations are showing up this year that use the "right sounding" catch phrases to keep people within the boundaries of the matrix. Most of the public figures associated with social or spiritual "progressive" groups are not in any position to offer anything that represents an evolutionary step forward to humanity, despite their years of writing and talking about such possibilities. For reasons too complex to explain in this brief section, there are presently no viable alternatives for social organization and economy at a global level. It is of the utmost importance for people to focus now, where they live and work, on forming new community with one another. One that transcends any and all established organizational and belief systems. We have identified three basic guiding principles: trust, caring, and service that are within a fourth and greater context of connection to all of creation. Thus local community can be of mutual assistance of one another and whenever possible form networking relationships with other similarly aligned communities. This represents the most useful transitional form for humanity as people become more acquainted with the transformational processes that are unfolding.

In Conclusion

This State of the Vision has been necessarily lengthy. To sum up a little, there are basically two paths. For the majority of people who may not be aware of this, they will be soon enough by virtue of events in the human and earthly physical realms as well as events and transformational energies in the invisible realms.

Humanity is closer than ever before to activating the most extreme consciousness and reality-shifting possibilities. At present, the level of tension between catastrophic change by human or natural origins and the influx of higher consciousness has grown to a truly unprecedented magnitude.

Humanity must graduate to 5th dimension and beyond, one way or another. There is no other future. This reality is nearly over and done with. There is nothing to fix or that is fixable. To hang on, under even well-intentioned self-delusion of making cities, towns, counties, states, nations better, etc. is a dead end. Those who hang on too long will have the roughest ride.

There are many who continue to naively hope that reform leaders can be elected and that our civil rights will be reinstated and that the economic crisis will not continue into a more profound crash affecting people worldwide. At the present trajectory, there is the gradual degeneration of capitalistic consumer society, while quietly local communities of people intentionally aligned along lines of spiritual evolution arise here and there and become islands of light for millions of people.

Humanity will be buffeted by waves of tumultuous energies of the light and dark while the powerful transformational energies work in the background and soon more in the foreground. What will surprise everyone, regardless of personal beliefs, will be these energies and the alterations to physical reality. (A future article will discuss more of the transformational process that was introduced in the October issue of GA News.)

Humanity has reached a point where it has devoted most available resources toward destructive conflict among itself and with the natural world. This cannot continue unabated. We can and must make new choices and act upon them. It is within our grasp and capacity to do so. The first step is to wake up to this option. We have so artfully managed to distract ourselves with personal and collective pleasures and power-seeking that we, as a species, seem hopelessly unconscious to an impending dramatic crossroad in our reality. The possibility of true peace and resolution to all aspects of human suffering and conflict with our natural environment is now before us.

An enlightened future is not about polarities. It is not about who we do or do not vote for, democracy or plutocracy, or war or peace. It is not about differences between various religious texts and what various groups of people think about them. It is not about capitalism or the corruption of society by the "commodification" of our personal and social relationships. These are all the short-term choices that we seem to have already made by default and for which we now seek remedies.

What is before us is the emergence of an evolutionary shift in our physical, social, psychological, and spiritual existence. This shift benefits everyone, regardless of their personal circumstance or belief system. What is needed is to surrender our ordinary personal and societal "ambitions" in favor of spiritual evolution. It is becoming more present to us every day -it is, after all, our future selves calling to us.
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