Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The 12:12 Gateway

On December 12 (12:12) millions around the planet are creating a positive future on a personal and planetary level with intention for Higher Consciousness, Awakening and Healing, Love and Integrity. The 12:12 Gateway leads us deeper into the Dimension of Self, where we find that our creativity is one of our most powerful attributes. As Jupiter and Pluto merge with Galactic Core, humanity merges with Merkaba, embracing new levels of sacred geometry, our consciousness spiraling through space and time where the twelve strands of DNA will undergo powerful recalibration. Every step you take today contributes to your experience as you pass through the 12:12 Gateway. In Lak'ech.

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jennifer boose said...

"Create Your Positive Future". I think I became aware of that quote around the time that the light of John Lennon was extinguished. Creating your future was once only an interesting idea and something to strive toward. Today, it is the way we make the next moment. This is what I want my next moment to look like:
Happiness and joy in my life and around the planet;
Awareness and awakeness for everyone;
Perfect and unlimited health, vitality and wellness;
Unlimited prosperity;
My own off-the-grid adobe home;
A geodesic dome greenhouse full of vibrantly growing veggies;
My own shop of healing tools for healers;
Comfort of lovingly compassionate relationships full of understanding and empathy;
and c-o-m-m-u-n-i-t-y.